Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday 23

Top Ten Authors we own the most books of...

This one is probably not accurate.  I have so many books it woulr have taken hours to figure this out for sure so I am giving you 10 authors that are in the running.  For these authors I have at least 20 books by each them.

Dean Koontz
Stephen King
Anne Rice
John Saul
RA Salvatore
Anne McCaffrey
Mary Higgins Clark
Patricia Cornwell
Christopher Pike
Nora Roberts

These authors just keep coming out with more books and I just keep adding them up! 


  1. Nice list! That's a lot of books by each too! I couldn't try counting the books myself for my list either! Too many, plus all the anthologies I have where my authors are in them, it would take forever!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Stephen King is on my list today too!
    My TTT

  3. Stephen King and Ann Rice made my list too. I've read quite a few Mary Higgins Clark and Nora Roberts books as well.
    Monique @ Mo_Books

  4. +JMJ+

    If I kept all the Christopher Pike books I read back in the 90s, he probably would have made my list, too! =)

  5. I have read some of Dean Koontz ( though not in years). I have had at least 20 of Nora's in my house at one point but have cleared some out, there are still some here. I do love to read her books. I also read quite a few Danielle Steele and have one waiting on my bed side stand.

  6. I have a lot of Dean Koontz and Stephen King too. I've read a lot of Anne Rice too but I don't own any of her books. Great list! :)

  7. Anne Rice is one of my favorite authors. I have most of her books and can't wait for her new release, Prince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles.

  8. Wow! That's quite a collection! I should go through my goodreads list to see my top 10 (since most of my books are in boxes in the garage... waiting until we move to a bigger home!)


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