Giveaway Rules

These are the rules for all giveaways on this blog unless otherwise stated  with the giveaway!
As always-Be Honest.  Entries will be verified-false entries will result in complete disqualification and I do check.  I am in between jobs so time is not an issue.  I cannot stand cheating! 

Any comments or likes must be made on date of entry (previous actions do not count).  No unliking something to re-like it later!!  I keep very detailed spreadsheets of previous giveaway entries so I do know who has done what for the most part.  So if you previously liked a review I have that listed so no trying to use that for this giveaway!

Also be sure to include your rafflecopter name or email when you comment if it is different from your comment name.  So I know who you are typically.
Facebook/twitter following and sharing MUST be done from a legit account.  Meaning you have friends/follows and are active in other activities besides giveaways.  The point of sharing/tweeting is to reach others. 
Comments should be meaningful!  For the comment on a review-simple saying "Great review" doesn't fly.  Why is it great?  What did you like/not like about it?  What do you think of the book?  I need to be able to tell you actually paid attention to the post for the entry to count.
Be sure to read what the instructions say for comments.  If I ask for a book Title and author, simple giving me one or the other does not count.   Nor does saying 'I don't know' or similar vague answers.   
The chosen winner will have 48 hours to respond once I have emailed them to claim winnings.


  1. Wow, I love your site. I can''t say I would change anything about it, maybe an interview with me and my book, The Exemeus, featured here. Congratulations on your blogeversary!

    1. I should do that actually! I want to re-read the book and still very eager for the sequel to be finished. :)


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