Monday, July 21, 2014

#HSreadathon - High Summer Read-a-thon START


Alright so I am doing another read-a-thon.  Going to have a bit longer of a push basically but new goals!

So my goals for this one are very similar to my other goals.  100 pages a day average. 
700 pages total.  This is my minimum goal. Anything less in not acceptable and will have a penalty.  That penalty being that I cannot buy or request any books (books that are gifted or just sent I cannot take responsibility for but I will not got out of my way) for two weeks.  So I better not fail!
 I am behind on some major reading so I am going to push myself extra though (or I will be in big trouble come August) so I  am pushing for hopefully 2000 pages. 

For a few days (until the 24th) all reading I do will go toward both this Read-a-thon and the Wicked Wildfire Read-a-thon

So currently I am working on these two titles: 
In the ShadowsBrothers, Bullies and Bad Guys 
I hope to have them both finished within the next 24 hours!  :)

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  1. Another one, really you are motivated 2000 pages ... 100 page a day could seem simple but at the moment i think i would have hard to do even that so i quite admire you

    also i can't read 2 ( or more) books at teh same time so i need to finish what i started first and if i don't like it takes a lot longer


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