Thursday, May 24, 2018

Privacy Laws= No more posts

I am not even going to get into all this new legality crap.  I am not a lawyer nor do I want to misspeak.  So there will be no more posts on this blog.  Keep in touch with my on Goodreads is best, followed by twitter.  I'll probably get back into booklikes, etc.  My linkys will stay up to date on the right or I will simply edit here or on the About Me page.  Otherwise this blog is now retired.  Any comments you make are public.  I do not sell or purposefully otherwise distribute information but any name, email, IP address, etc that may be attached to comments might be used by blogger or other stuff I have no idea about.  I am not tech or law savvy.  All future comments will no longer show.   I have them all set for moderation and for safety reason will not approve them.  So if you need me, contact me on other media or email me. I will not change past posts, including comments, link etc.  Use links at your own discretion for tracking.  While I do not store them (that I know of) I have no idea who/what else can.  (Blogger or does Amazon if I linked to them, etc).  If you are concerned on past comments, go delete them!  Frankly I am so confused as to what to say without plagiarizing someone else I wonder if I should just delete this blog altogether but I hope not to.  I put a lot of time, energy, frustration and joy into this.  SO am am moving on but I hope I and others can continue to appreciate what this once was.