Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Task it Tuesday-- week 3 of 2016

Task it Tuesday 

For a bit about what this is go check out Michelle at Because Reading or to understand what I am setting this up as check out my first post.   Basically if I have it crossed off, I finished it this past week.  Items in red are a week old and now "past due."  I Spaced a bit under each category before adding new tasks for the week.  Old tasks carry over until completed.  The exception is the fun spot at the bottom.  Those aren't red as there are no expectations for completion.  Just a stronger focus over other fun things. 

I didn't get too much done this week.  My back is out and I have been fighting a cold that I am now failing at and by the time you might be readign this, I will be curled up in bed with a hot cup of tea. 
  • Write/post 3 reviews  (got 1 up)
  • 1 Discussion Post (meme styles don't count)
  • Get STS post up to date
  • Catalog all December/January ebooks I have received/purchases onto Goodreads shelf. (December done)
  • Check Netgalley/Edelweiss to see if I missed any titles I cannot live without
  • Finish getting Archive, Genres And Guest Interview pages up to date 
  • Catalog 100+ books I own 
  • Write & post 2 reviews
  • 1 discussion or other (non linked meme) post
  • Catalog another 100 books 
  • Finish Eragon (made progress)
  • Read Sierra Jensen series Bks 1-8(read bk 1, bk 2 in progress)
  • Read The Fiery Heart (started)
  • Read Open Minds (started)
  • Read Happily Ever After (started)
  • Read 8 manga (read 6, started another)
  • Start Sierra Jensen 9+
  • Read Ashley Bell
  • Read You're Never Weird on the Internet
  • Start Rebel Nation 
  • Finish Rebel Nation
  • Finish Sierra Jensen 12 Bk series
I removed a couple books that I just do not feel I have time to start as I have too many underway.  They will be added again at a later date.

Real Life
  • Kitchen
  1. Windows-inside/out and blind cleaning
  2. Spot scrub door, walls, etc
  3. Detail scrub floor and trimboard
  4. Reorganize under kitchen sink
  • The Clothing and Closet Project
  1. Sort all clothes, get rid of clothes that do not fit or no longer wear.
  2. Organize and put away (MUST FREE UP space)
  3. Re-organize linens
  4. Fix broken dresser drawers 2x
  5. re-organize husbands clothes that suffered from drawer loss
  • Clean up library
  1.  Pick up game mess when shelf fell.
  2. Sort through shipping envelopes and boxes, weeding out what I don't need.
  3. Get all books on the shelves in their proper homes
  4. Dust
  5. Vacuum Rug/carpet
  • Deep clean Bathroom
  1. Sink & Counter clean, put away and scrub
  2. Organize & clean all cabinets, shelves, drawers-Weed out what we don't need or too old, straighten and organize for optimal use
  3.  Floor and trim board scrub
  4. Shower/Tub scrub down
  5. Light fixtures, clean and replace dead bulbs
  6. Spot clean wall, clean all areas where hands touch
  7. Window-inside and out plus clean blinds
  8.  All other less pleasant aspects of bathroom cleanup

  • Living Room
  1. Dust
  2. Ceiling fan
  3. Scrub door, switches and spot clean walls
  4. Carefully clean tv, stereo, game consoles, etc.
  5. Be sure all movies and games are properly organized
  6. Clean out all clutter
  7. Clean windows inside and out plus blinds
  8. Clean the couch
  9. Deep clean floors and rugs
  • Office (#1 was already on the list, the rest is new)
  1.  Clean off and organize office desk, dust
  2. Go through, declutter desk cabinet and drawers
  3. File papers
  4. Clean out old papers from Filing cabinet
  5. Shred old papers
  6. Clean up anything on the floor
  • List
  1. All console video games
  2. All dvds 

Just for fun --Not expected by next week-but will simply be done when they are done but I do want to make progress each week.  While there are many things I could add here I will simple stick to my focal points for the following week.  

  • Play/Finish Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper video game
  • Play/Finish Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure
  • Play/Finish Kingdom Hearts (if it doesn't glitch on me at the end like it did years ago)
  • Finish watching season 3 of Switched at Birth
  • Finish watching Death Note anime
  • Watch Song of the South (now that I finally have access to it)
  • Watch Princess Tutu anime 
  • Finish the last season of The Dead Zone
  • Color at least 1 picture
  • Watch finish 1 other anime series (or season if long)


  1. I didn't get a lot done either but we had winter in one day so I spend most of my blogging time shoveling snow lol.
    Good Luck with your tasks this week! :)

  2. I finally got my planner and have started the list writing and hopefully checking off!

  3. I love the feeling of checking things off my daily lists! It's incredibly satisfying


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