Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Task it Tuesday 1

Task it Tuesday  
This was such a neat concept for sharing what I am doing and also a level of accountabilit .  Our wonderful host uses it for blogging and real life.  I will step it up slightly and be adding some fun goals as well (such as watch x movie, play a game,go to x place, etc).  So some are real tasks, others more goals/things I like to do.  Next week I will share how I did and share my new goals.
Before we go into this weeks goals, please understand that I have undertaken a mass spring-cleaning of my entire house, basement, yard, etc.  Cleaning and organizing (with what I have to organize with-no major shopping at this time) top to bottom, in and out!So how detailed a space takes can either speed me ahead or hold me up.

Also, please note that I am very good at having more goals than is practical.  I am okay with that as long as I make a good dent.  With that, here we go!

To do by Next Tuesday (or make progress with)

  • Catch up and finish Parajunkee's New Year challenge
  • Write/post 2 reviews 
  • 1 Discussion Post (meme styles don't count)
  • Get STS post up to date
  • Catalog all December/January ebooks I have received/purchases onto Goodreads shelf.
  • Check Netgalley/Edelweiss to see if I missed any titles I cannot live without (I haven't so far this month)
  • Finish Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga
  • Finish Eragon
  • Finish A Promise is Forever
  • Read Sierra Miller series Bks 1-4
  • Start Sierra Miller Bks 5+
  • Read The Fiery Heart
  • Read Open Minds
  • Start Happily Ever After
  • Start Son
  • Start Ashley Bell
  • Start You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
  • Read 2 graphic novels 

Real Life

  • Kitchen
  1. Scrub/Organize Fridge/Freezer
  2. Clean and organize all cabinets, inside and out
  3. Scrub and wipe done countertops and EVERYTHING (ie small appliances, cookie jar, etc) on them
  4. Windows-inside/out and blind cleaning
  5. Ceiling fan
  6. Spot scrub door, walls, etc
  7. Detail scrub floor and trimboard
  8. Straighten kitchen pantry and spice cubby
  9. Reorganize under kitchen sink now that I have some items to help there!
  • The Clothing and Closet Project
  1. Sort all clothes, get rid of clothes that do not fit or no longer wear.
  2. Organize and put away (MUST FREE UP space)
  3. Re-organize linens
  4. Fix broken dresser drawers 2x
  5. re-organize husbands clothes that suffered from drawer loss
  • Clean off and organize office desk
  • Start a to-buy list for items needed/highly wanted for house (cleaning supplies, organization tools, Fix-it items, etc) and a mass grocery list
  • Any other house work I can!!! 

Just for fun --Not expected by next week-but will simply be done when they are done but I do want to make progress each week.  While there are many things I could add here I will simple stick to my focal points for the following week.  

  • Play/Finish Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper video game
  • Play/Finish Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure
  • Play/Finish Kingdom Hearts (if it doesn't glitch on me at the end like it did years ago)
  • Watch the Original Bride of Frankenstein movie
  • Finish playing Carnival Fair
  • Finish watching season 3 of Switched at Birth
  • Finish watching Death Note anime
  • Watch Song of the South (now that I finally have access to it)
  • Watch Princess Tutu anime 

I guess if I do a bunch on other/extra stuff I might met you know.   This is my first time doing anything like this so I have no idea what to expect.  Do you like the Just for fun idea?  How specific should I get in tasks and sharing what I plan to do (in any area)?  Anything you think I should do or focus on soon?  
What are your tasks?

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  1. i do have a very shorter list but in all honesty i keep adding to teh list more that i can scratch thing off of it so it's more depressing than helpful at this stage

    courage for this week i will be curious to see what you managed to accomplish


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