Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bout of Books 15, End of Day 3 and Villian Mash Up

Bout of Books 

Day 3 was scattered!  I got a little reading in here, and a little there from a variety of books not overall, not much actually read in any of them.  Blood of my Blood got the most attention.  But it was a strange day for errands and work.  

Books I made Progress in on day 3:
Sweet Dreams (Christy Miller, #11)Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, #1)Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga 
 Pages read:  77
Readathon Grand totals
Books Completed: 2
Books with Progress: 4
Pages Read: 419
Other Blogs commented on:8
Goal: 1500 Pages
I need to step things up to make my goal!  
Upcoming potential reads:

 Only You, Sierra (Sierra Jensen, #1)Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles, #3.5)A Promise Is Forever (Christy Miller, #12)The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines, #4) 

Bingeing on Books has challenged us to a Villian Mash up!

My villian face off is President Snow (Hunger Games) vs The Emperor of Valoria (The Winner's Trilogy).  Both seem to love threats, ruling through power etc.  Be is just an argument over who can make the best threats or who rules better, no idea.  Or maybe who can manipulate the most people...

The the best mash up I know but was trying for something others have not done and after 2 back-to-back shifts I am a bit too tired to be very creative.  So it is what it is.


  1. Sounds like a good mashup to me! I hear you on back to back long work days! I have decided to wait until tomorrow to try to pick back up with my reading. I really liked Eragon, but it took me awhile to finish it. You are doing great with your reading!

  2. YES! I hate those villains too! As also the King from Throne of Glass series and Levana from Cinder. :)

    1. Levana, yes. have yet to read Throne of Glass though (on my to-read list!)

  3. Villians are the best to read about and you have some good books listed up there. ;)

    1. Thank you. I do love a good villian. :)I was trying to find a combo that most would recognize at least one of but not something everyone was doing. Snow might be a bit too popular though.


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