Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 New Year's Blogger Challenge-Days 8 & 9

Blogging New Year's Challenge 
I am still behind on these but working on them as I can.  It seems the first half of January is almost as crazy as the holidays!  Anyways
Day 8 was Trends I hope to see in 2016
One trend that is dying but I really hope picks back up is being a more social community.  Commenting has nearing disappeared. I would love to see more conversations on blogs.  Well thought comments that one can respond to.  And not just twitter!!  Blogs, instagram, goodreads, facebook, whereever we can.  WE NEED TO BE MORE SOCIAL and not just in one area but across the board.  And more that 2-3 word responses or  generic copy/paste type of comments go a long ways to making this possible.  Ask question, chime in with your opinions, etc.
  • More events.  Things like this, OTSPsecretsister, discussion challenge, etc.  It is great to ready get to know one another beyond book reviews and favorite covers, etc.
  • Getting the next generation into reading!  Or even other non-readers.  We had a few local events to get people into reading more.  These are so much fun.  We must keep books alive!
  • Authors and bloggers working together to promote each other. Authors, share tweet and/or stop by the blog that is talking about you or your books!  Let the blogger get to know you!  We love unique guest posts and interviews.  Offer yourself to the community.  Bloggers, love an author or book, share it everywhere! You can to more than just a quick review!  Repeat share on social media, remind fellow readers why you love the book or why the author is such am amazing person!  Continually bring each other up!  This always brings a huge grin to my face when I see this happens.  
  • Bloggers promoting fellow bloggers.  Share others posts, reviews, etc.  Spotlight your favorite blogs!  We are a community and I love seeing us act as one.
Bottom line: I want us to have the best community year yet, and to make it bigger, more social and open than ever before! 

Day 9-Favorite 2015 moment

This past year was a bit of a downer emotionally.  Some really bad things happened in our family and I just found myself drained in blogging.  But a few things really did shine and jump out for me in this online world we share in:
It is a toss up between Dewey's Readathon this past fall.  It was very engaging and lots of fun combining cheerleading, reading and event hosting!  I had such ablast and it reminded me why I love to read and pulled me out of a bad slump.

Another was this holiday season.  From getting an unexpected card from a favorite author (Thanks again Kelsey Ketch) and participated in TBTBsecretsanta and seeing all that came with it.  I had no holiday spirit this year and the community brought the holiday to life for me.

So what do you hope to see this year?  What was a great moment for you this past year?

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