Monday, January 11, 2016

Bout of Books 15 wrap up

Bout of Books
I am keeping this very short and simply as my hand has been causing issues lately and I have other posts and things to still do online, So if you want to know specifically what I read, look at the update posts!  Anyways, downtime was not on my side this past week.  To top it off, I got the spring cleaning bug early  so reading took a backseat.  While I didn't make goal, with everything going on in life, I think I did okay.

Readathon Grand totals
Books Completed: 3
Books with Progress: 4
Pages Read: 777
Other Blogs/twitter/etc challenge or progress I've commented on(not including hosts):13 (yeah, not very many, but I tried)


  1. It is so impressive that you read the 3 books in such a short period of time! I'd like to read that much too.

  2. Yes I'm impressed too! I've actually been there where reading is the last thing I want to do


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