Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 New Year's Blogger Challenge Days 10-14

Blogging New Year's Challenge 
Well, this is it. The end of this topic challenge.  I have not done good about consistently doing one day at a time.   So here are the last 5 days worth if this.  Than you so much Parajunkee, for hosting this challenge!
Day 10- Changes I'll be doing in 2016.
Well, a lot of changes you can get ideas from  on My blogger resolutions or my top ten bookish resolutions.   
Being a lot more social this year is one big change you might see.   Random chatting or replies on twitter, more visits and blog comments, etc.  I have got to get out of me shell and actually get to know my fellow bloggers better.  I know of them, and vice versa but I want to step it up a few notches.

I plan to do a lot of cleanup of my blog.  Some editing, formatting older posts, tags, etc.  Right now, it is a mess and I really want to step that up my to-do list.  I hope my blog will start to be be a more appealing place to visit by the end of this year.  Probably no major changes to the backround, colors or header.  For one, I like them and I have to look at them much more than anyone else.  Plus I am not tech savvy and I am not paying a bunch of money for someone else to change it up.  I looked.  Cheapest quote I got for what I would want is over $200.  Forget it!  Unless you want to volunteer-just come to like it or tune it out otherwise.

I also might be broadening this blog.  Maybe some movie or video game reviews or topics, maybe just life.  I want to be more open about who I am with you so some posts might be a bit more personal. How this will go or what direction to take, I have no idea.  This is still primarily a book blog and that won't change.  But for when I am burnt out or just to change things up a bit I might toss in something different once in a while.

I think everything else is in my resolution posts, so be sure to check those out for more ideas of what I am up to.  Or just ask!
 Day 11-How many books are you reading in 2016? Top books on your TBR?
Well bottom line, read as many books as I can is the idea.  My goodreads goal is 616.  Please keep in mind, this includes short stories, graphic novels and even young children's books.  But that might be a bit high (I set it as a heavy challenge) so my practical goal is 366.  One book a day average (again, with the variety).  
My TBR is insane!  And a mess!  I have a physical TBR, a digital TBR, then my goodreads to-read list!  Total them up and you'd have between 7,000-10,000 books.  How to begin to figure out a top list?!  I am a mood reader, combined with challenges and review expectancy.  I do not have much of a top few exactly.  For some reason, whenever I share the books I want to read the most, those seem to take the longest to get to, so I will keep those desires to myself right now.  Needless to say, with all the books I have, I can always find something of interest.
 Don't really have a horror story I can think of.  But I did come close to quiting this blog at the end of last summer.  Took almost 2 months to decide to keep it. 

Day 13- Reader/Blogger cons I WANT to attend in 2016
So many!  BEA sounds amazing!   Honestly, there are several I want to go to but none are ever in the area.  There is a local Bookfest nearby every October.  But almost anything else is a full days (usually flight) travel.  The cost of gas or tickets, food, hotels, then the event costs are just not in the budget.  So unless the book fairy graces me with a magic pass to cover expenses, I doubt I will attend any.  Joy of being in Northern CA.  Almost everything is in the far East or a few in LA but that is a 10-12 hour drive.  Once in a great while an author comes to a major city within a few hours of me but that is maybe 3-4 times a year and just the one author.  No conventions.  Although not specifically book con, there is a CHANCE I can go down for 1 day to the San Jose Anime Con in May.  We do a kite show that Sat-Sun nearby but the con is Fridya to and we get the hotel Friday night free for doing the demos, so possible day trip is we wake up early that day.
Day 14- My 2016 GOALS & WISH LIST 
So I guess this is about wishful goals?  
1. To actually make to goodreads reading goal, or better
2.  Catalogue all my books.  I have a few thousand so this will take a while.....
3.  Clean up wishlist with books I want and need to for series completion
4. Catch up with my read4review books.  Be it for sites like netgalley, Indie authors or publishers or even goodreads wins, it is time to get through them.
5. A more appealing blog look-Again, book fairy come here please!
Again, other goalish ideas can be found in my resolution posts, trends I'd like to see, etc.  Seriously, see the past posts for this one!



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  1. Sounds like you have a good plan for the year. The thing to do when you blog is to make sure you're enjoying it and reading what you want! Good luck this year!


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