Saturday, January 2, 2016

Stephen King Novel challenge

Stephen King Novel challenge
Goal: To read All Stephen King novels, and published collection/anthologies.
This ends when I have read them all and he is no longer writing.   If you ever know of a novel he has written and published and is not listed here, please let me know so I can add it
To read (as of 1/1/16):

1.  11/22/63
The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole
Doctor Sleep
5.  Mr. Mercedes
Finders Keepers
Night Shift
Different Seasons
10.  Skeleton Crew
The Bachman Books
Four Past Midnight
Nightmares & Dreamscapes
Hearts in Atlantis
15.  Everything's Eventual
Just After Sunset
Full Dark, No Stars
The Bazaar of Bad Dreams
Duma Key
20.  Under the Dome
'Salem's Lot
The Shining
25.  The Stand
The Long Walk
The Dead Zone
30.  Cujo
The Running Man
The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger
Pet Sematary
35.  Cycle of the Werewolf
The Talisman
The Eyes of the Dragon
40.  The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three
The Tommyknockers
The Dark Half
The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands
45.  Needful Things
Gerald's Game
Dolores Claiborne
Rose Madder
50.  The Green Mile
The Regulators
The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass
Bag of Bones
55.  The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Black House
From a Buick 8
The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla
60.  The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah
The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower
The Colorado Kid
Lisey's Story
65.  Blaze


  1. I've tried most of Stephen King's books and I wish you luck with a huge challenge! My favourites are IT, The Stand, Carrie and Salem's Lot. I liked his earlier stuff better than the more recent offerings.

    1. It is a huge undertaking but being my husband's favorite author and since we own most of his books, I figured it would be a good one to do.

  2. Nice challenge, I wish you luck! Not sure if it'd count, but there was a comic series for The Stand. I think some issues were just the book's story, but I could have sworn some were new stuff though I don't know if they were actually written by King or someone else.

    1. I have the comic version of some on my TBR watchlist but not counting his graphic novels toward this and this time. Figure the novel version is enough for the same story. But will likely read both in the end :)

  3. I didn't know he had written so many books! I am a huge fan of his work, but I only read IT and The SHining.. Others are on my TBR list.. Thank you for this list ;)

    Betul E.


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