Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Blogger New Year's Challenge Days 1-2

Blogging New Year's Challenge 
Parajunkee is once again hosting this challenge.  It was a lot of fun last year as well and I am happy to join again!  However,  I am starting this WAY late.  Sorry.  So cramming a couple days in at a time here.

Day 1 is my blogger resolutions
 I need to get more involved in commenting.  I improved last year but nowhere near what I wanted to actively be.   I need to respond more on my blog and reply back at others.  This will take more diligence to keep up on but when someone leave a well thought comment on my blog, I want to respond in kind.  In addition I am not going to respond in kind to every short "Great review/post" type of comments necessarily
Also being more chatty and commenting in general.  Be it just visiting more blogs, having more discussions, active on twitter and other social media, etc.
That social media one is a big one for me.  I finally actually started using instagram a bit more this fall and replying more on twitter but I need to step it up.  I want to really get to know book lovers and fellow bloggers better.  I am beyond socially awkward so if I seem out of place, I apologize now for that.  But hopefully you'll bare with me and get to know me a bit better too.
Be more active in readathons.  I have discovered I like cheering fellow readers!  
Creating and actual schedule a bit better.  I need to balance my posts, keep to a time-table, etc.  Also getting ahead on my posts.  Having some banked up for the next slump I get in, or holidays or any other time off I may need or want to take.  I hate leaving my readers hanging with no content.
Learning a bit more coding, especially html to make blogging easier for me and more enjoyable for others.
Clean up my blog.  Touch up some old reviews, edit posts, make them more enjoyable, etc.  Also, keeping up on my archive,etc.  This partly goes with learning more coding.
Clean up and out blogs I follow but are either no longer as interested or are no longer active.  Same with Twitter, etc.  I have WAY to many people/blogs I am following to I need to weed some out and organize the rest so I don't miss as much.
Finally, as this is a book blog, I need to get through my review books.  I want to at least double my feedback review percentage on Netgalley and Edelweiss (gives you a hint how bad it is).  So being more diligent there, and taking less until I get caught up!
There are other more bookish goals I have but that will be up on my Top Ten Post coming very soon (with a few hours of this post, so lookout!)
Day 2-Great Things in Blogging 2015
I finally learned to get follow buttons up so my sidebar is a bit cleaner! 
 I started using instagram and twitter more (still have a LONG way to go).
I faced and (overall) conquered my first major blogging slump.
I have started to get to know some amazing fellow bloggers!
All the books I have had the opportunity to read that I may not have otherwise even known of.
A growing confidence in who I am and what I like in the bookish/blogging world.


  1. I hope you manage to complete all your resolutions. I've decided to start using Twitter this year so improving on social media is a resolution I can totally relate to. I also want to participate in readathons this year. I love the idea of them but somehow, I never got around to participating in any. Hopefully, that'll change this year!

    1. Most of the readathons I do are low-no pressure. Just what you put on yourself. Dewey's Readathon is by far my favorite though. Great community, they psych you up before it starts and even if you can just give 5 minutes, they will cheer you on!


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