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2016 New Year's Blogger Challenge-Days 6 & 7

Blogging New Year's Challenge   

Yes, I fell behind again.  Some personal stuff happened that threwe me off balance.  So I could not keep up with this, let alone prep the reviews and things I have ready to go.  Hmm, off to a bit of a slow start to the year it seems...

Anyways this post will focus on Days 6 & 7

Day 6-  Worst books of 2015

I didn't read many bad ones.  A few disappointing compared to what I expected (Here's looking as Rosumund Hodge's Crimson Bound) but not many I didn't care for.

The worse were these mangas:
LBX: World Battle, Vol. 6 Behind Story (Volume #1) Recorder and Randsell Volume1
and a short erotic novella ( too inappropriate to share here at this time) 

One that had potential to be good but lost it's story under tons of "subliminal" messaging and propaganda was
unFocused (The Roving #1) 

 Day 7-Top Blogger Peeves of 2015

  • The lack of commenting on blogs.  I am guilty of this too but we have all seemed to lose the concept to spend a few extra seconds to leave a comment.  If we had 5 minutes to read what they wrote, typically 1 more minute to respond won't hurt us, right?  Apparently it did.  Because no on was leaving comments for others on oh so many blogs (to those that did-congrats and thank you for keeping others spirits up!).
  • The" Gimmies! " Everyone seemed to want something.  More giveaways, free books, expected swag.  I had emails from people asking me if they could have my books I had posted on my stacking the shelves post, I saw people upset over giveaway limitations, People getting upset with authors or publishers for limited Arcs.  It was not cool! If not items, there was demand for content, change, etc.  Most subtle suggestion but a few were not and when they start to pile on, they all sound greedy.
  • GIF overload!  I am not a GIF fan in the first place overall.  Once in a while, fine, but when it takes over a post and there is no actual content I don't care for it.  Not to mention looking at several at once gives me a headache.  Images, fine, GIFs=use with care.  When I "read" a review that has 3 sentances and 10 GIF going on I want nothing more that to walk away and go lie down and close my eyes.  Not to mention, this does NOTHING to entice me to read.  Now 1 or 2 to that perfectly express how you feel I can deal with.
  • Authors and Fans taking extreme offense to reviews.  If you can't deal with a few negative reviews, don't write a book.  Everyone has different preferences and likes/dislikes in what they read.  They should be allowed to freely share said opinion.  Striking back at them with threats, demands to change the review of flaming posts about the reviewer on your blog does not help!  It just feeds the flames, and furthers their dislike.  I might not care for a book and say so, but if I am then attacked by the author, they just lost any chance of me reading a future book of theirs.  And fans are no better at times.  Not everyone is going to love your favorite author!  Get over it!  You can love the authors books enough for both you and the haters so do so, but dont' attack and make things personal.
  • Being just downright nasty in reviews.  This goes on the flip-side a bit of my last peeve.  I hate the reviews that just bash on the author as a person.  If you don't like a book fine, state that and why, but insult the book, it's author, etc is not needed.  Things like "This author should burn in hell for what he wrote." or "I vow to burn and destroy every copy of this book I ever see."  "This author belongs in writer's jail and should never be allowed to write again." Those types of comments are not necessary and often cruel.  I have even read worse! I am all for constructive feedback.  Heck, I've read books where the book was no good to me and dnfed, then on their next book, DRASTIC improvements.  Why?  They listened to the honest critism and learned from it.  So critism good, insults bad!  Be constructive!  It helps readerm authors and editors!
  • Series drops!  Ugh , I had several series that I start then suddenly, no word about a second book.  When and author writes book 1 of a series and takes over a year without even a whisper about book 2, that is beyond frustrating!  Did they drop it, is it on a perpetual back burner that they might, at some day, come back to?  Do I hold out hope for an next book and if so when?  Or are you just holed away, writing that epic sequel?  When I see no activity on goodreads, facebook, twitter or blog about what is going on and it is quite for over a year, that is no good.  One, I question what is going on, and 2 I start to lose interest and forget details.  So now, even if there is ever another book I may not ever realize it is out.  This is especially crucial for Indie Authors!


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  1. Very interesting seeing your process and I think it's ok sometimes life gets in the way and it slow us down.


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