Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kids day- children's book reviews!

While I do not normally review many young childrens books, for those of you who have young kids here are a few to keep in mind!

When Violet Was Blue by Deb TroehlerSummary:  "Little Violet has a problem. She knows that she needs the help of others, but simply cannot figure out how her friends can help her solve this problem. With assistance from an unlikely source, Violet and her rainbow friends find a way to brighten the day for everyone.
Told in rhyme, When Violet Was Blue is a bouncy tale that children from 3 to 6-years-old will ask to hear over and over again."

Review:   What a wonderful story of colors and rainbows for children. Set in rhyme this story has little Violet working with the other colors to shoo away the rain cloud so the sun can come out. Inside all the colors learn about 
working together and forming a rainbow!

The drawings in this a colorful, playful and engaging for the kids!

At the end of the book are some activity and fact pages. Your children get to learn about rainbows, how to craft a rainbow, plus get color and math activities as well. So they get a fun lesson and story time together. Perfect weekend or rainy day activity!

Ox-Cart Man 
Summary:  "Describes the day-to-day life of an early nineteenth-century New England family throughout the changing seasons."

Review:  Nice portrayal of a farmers life in the 19th Century. How the Farmer loads up his cart to products his family works on over the year. It shows many different uses for what a farmer might have access to. Such as mittens made from sheep wool. A great book to introduce your child to a good history lesson.

Peace At Last  
Summary:  "The hour was late and Mr Bear was tired. But he could not sleep - however he tried and wherever he tried.

'SNORE, SNORE went Mrs Bear.
TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK went the clock.
Would he never get to sleep?'

The familiar noises, repetition and beautiful illustrations make this delightful picture book an all-time favourite with children and adults everywhere."

Review:   You know those nights when you can't sleep? Every noise just seems to be extra loud and you end up lying wide awake, just listening?

Well that is how this book starts. Mr Bear is trying to sleep but noises keep disturbing him so he goes place to place to sleep for the night with less and less success.

Amusing till the end. And any parent can relate to its ending so it will likely bring a chuckle or smile to your day. This would probably be perfect on those nights the children just can't seem to sleep!


  1. So long since the last time i read children book. I guess, my readings grow up as well as i am? But i miss children book, the way that it never make me dissapointed, more like excited. The adventure, and the sweetness of a happily ever after ending. However, i got a load of TBR already, but i’ll mark these books for my nephews, so Thanks. And good to know there are still children books out there. There are none in here, that’s why :)

  2. So glad you enjoyed "When Violet Was Blue" - thanks for taking part in the blitz! :-)

  3. Fun way to learn about colors


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