Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year's Challenge-Day 13 and 14

Okay I oopsed yesterday.  I had day 13 scheduled to post but it didn't.  I hit 'save' instead or 'publish.'  So my error now means that once again I am combining days.

Day 13
Share a Blogger Horror Story

I think one horrific experience I had was learning of Picasa and seeing all my blog pics on there so I started deleting them from the site, not realizing I was deleting them from my blog. Suddenly my blog was empty!   Talk about panic.  I was just a few months old and first impressions were critical!  I never was able to replace all images even as I didn't have anything backed up yet.  Foolish Newbie Blogger...Needless to say, lesson learned.

Day 14 
Blogging Wish List of 2014

  • To inspired readers to look into different books.  
  • To get a new blog layout.  I am working on learning HTML but I still see so many amazing blogs that I am envious of their pages, sidebars, etc.  
  • To go to BEA or other large Con.   I cannot afford it this year but being this is a wishlist here you go! :)
  • More active followers, commentors on this blog
  • Print Arcs being offered/sent from publishers. I want them to want me to be involved. :)
  • To REALLY connect with a couple other bloggers.  To make some real friends.  Even it is is just online (emails, chat, skype, etc) through this business.
  • To read several AMAZING books this year that I utterly love.
  • To co-host a blog event/hop
  • To exceed my reading Goal on Goodreads!

So there they are.  Some big, some small.  

This was the end of the New Years Eve Challenge. In case you missed any here are the other days:



  1. Hope all of your wishes come true, especially going to BEA! :)

    1. That would be a HUGE but awesome dream come true all right!

  2. I want to inspire readers to look into different books too! It was my main goal when I decided to start my own blog...
    More active followers, ditto. And some blogger friends would be awesome...
    "Print Arcs being offered/sent from publishers. I want them to want me to be involved. :)"
    LOL. You phrased it so well.

    1. We started with the same goal then! :) Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  3. I wiped out a bunch of my pics once, so I can totally relate! I'd love to co-host something, too. Hollar if you ever want to work together on something. I'm also working on connecting with other bloggers out there. Good luck with all your wishes!!

    1. Thats would to awesome to team up!! Sorry it has taken so long to respond. If you have any ideas let me know. I am busy for the next couple weeks but should be more free to talk after.


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