Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Challenge Day 2

My Pros and Cons of blogging.

In no particular order...

Lots of great new book suggestions and ideas- I love blog hopping an seeing and reading about new books or when people tell me of a book they loved.

Free Books-be it hearing of free ebooks, Arcs, early releases, etc giveaways, swaps, etc. 

Sharing my love of books with others.

Getting to know some great authors  Be it emailing each other over a book or post or just reading interviews and others guest posts.

Encouragement  to read more.  Reading now feels more rewarding.  A little pressure can be good to push me to finish more books.  Even better when it pays off by someone else taking an interest in the book.

Blogging gives me something to focus on when I am bored.  

Blogging gets me out of my anti-social shell a bit.  I am still a quite person but at least it is a form of socializing, especially when commenting or responding to comments.
It has been educational.  Such as I have slowly been learning some very basic HTML.  I never knew any a year ago.  


Very Time Consuming.-
Be it trying to find pictures, looking up stats, creating borders or just taking the time to right the reviews, blogging takes up a LOT of my free time.
Hard to balance time from working my blog to visiting others.  I used to be very good about reading and commenting on other blogs now I have to strive that much hard to find even more time for it.   

Pressure to read books I have little to no interest in or pressure to review mainly "popular" titles.
Short deadlines.  Lots of tours only give 2 weeks to read and review the book and that is sometimes very difficult if I have a lot going on.  I really wish they gave more time.  Especially if i have other books I want to read.  Sometimes my 'fun' books get started but can take months to finish whenever I take on review books with deadlines.  And if you don't take on tours for a few weeks you can easily find yourself removed from their lists.  So there is no such thing as time off. 

Well even though the cons look longer it is just due to explaination.   I still find it more rewarding than not.  To those of you reading this, YOU are what makes blogging most rewarding!

What do you love or hate about blogging?


  1. Quote:
    "Very Time Consuming".
    I hear you! especially blog-hopping, fun as it is. But also writing reviews. I'm a control freak, and English is not even my mother tongue. I check everything I write maniacally LOL. But I guess lack of time takes its toll on everyone.

    1. Yes! Whole hours just disappear blog-hopping! I think time is a big one. Some people amaze me with all they do. I have a friend who has 3 blogs, 2 kids, runs a ranch with her husband and is in a local orchestra that meets up twice a week, keeps a super clean home yet still seems to have a lot of free time.

    2. O_O She must be an alien, right?

    3. Lol. I just wish I were 1/2 as good at time management as some. But I do what I can.


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