Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jury Duty throw off

    Hi everyone!  Sorry for being non-existant this week.  I actually had a couple reviews planned out and a discussion post idea but my schedule for the next few weeks has just been thrown up in the air.  I have been called to serve jury duty for a moderate case that will consume all my weekdays for this week and at least the next 2 weeks.  

  Between working nights and having to be up early in the morning for J. Duty I have been run ragged already.  I have been lucky to get 1-3 hours sleep within a 24 hr period.  So free time is out during the week.  I will try and work out a couple things this weekend to tide everyone over (I hope) until I resume normalcy.  Or what passes for it...     So my TGIF review will be up either Sat or Sun.  Sorry for the delays.  On the bright side, getting a 1 1/2 hr lunch break is giving me some good reading time!   

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