Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year's Challenge-Day 7 and 8

So I was unable to post on the 7th for this challenge so I am doing both the 7th and the 8th today.  

Day 7 

In no particular order:

1)  Being asked to review books that go against my review policy.  When I state I am not accepting ebooks yet still asked.  OR nonfiction that I do not review.  It does not take long to skip my policy or peruse the types of books I read.  I organize by genre on my blog, and Goodreads so seeing what I like should be relatively easy.  So them I put in the uncomfortable position of either accepting a book I do not want or having to decline.  And sometimes, when I decline ebooks stating that I have too many (as I cannot take electronics to work sites so print books are always easier for me) they send it to me anyways!   This can lead to my next peeve.

2)  Pressure.  Be it reading, reviewing, deadlines, declines, reader demands, publisher demands, author demands, etc.  Everyone wants something and it is impossible to please everyone. It can quicly become overwhelming, especially to a new blogger still learning the ropes.  Pressure to go to cons, events or tours.  Pressure to buy books that I cannot afford to read or giveaways for followers, etc

3)  Book bashing or low blows.  I hate seeing people leaving negative reviews of books the never even read.  Or tried to read.  They hate something the author did or stands for so they give it a bad rating and review.  The author is a person and the book is a story that one should be able to keep separate.  The book might be quite good but due to a personal annoyance a person will bash a book they never picked up.  Or perhaps they simply heard about a book or read the synopsis and decided the book is not for them.  No need to review or rate what you never actually read!  Just my opinion.  Also, no matter how bad a book, using insults against the author, publisher, etc is never necessary and is quite rude.  There are other more product words one can use to describe their displeasure. 

4)  Captcha- Grrr...The bane of trying to leave comments on other blogs.  I understand protecting against spam but it also discourages readers from reaching out!  I wish those that use captcha would disable it and simply spend a few minutes filtering comments.  One could set them for being viewed before being published.

5)  Lots of GIFs.  These can be quite distracting and when one is tired or in a hurry can be frankly annoying.  Every once in a while they are fun to express certain things.  but if I see a lot of them in posts I often will stop following a blog.  

6)  Generic Comments.  While I like all comments it is almost offensive to see comments that the same person has posted on lots of other blogs.  Especially popular for memes.  Copy/paste comments with links.  Sad.  Leave a few unique words.  For example, I would post a Stacking the Shelves post with 20 new books.  Most comments are simply. Lot of books Check me out.  or never heard of these, check me out. (exact words vary).  Commenting on just one particular title is so much better.  This is encouraging to me plus I can better respond.  I hate simple saying "Thanks" or "Thanks for stopping by."  Even simple saying "Interesting cover on SKLFJ book"  is SOMETHING one can work with.  Same with reviews.  I honestly want to know what you think of the book and/or my review.  If you hate something say what.  Or tell me what you like.    I have no problem with links but a couples seconds actually looking at my post and leaving a real comment means so much!!!

7)  Overly personal or complicated giveaways.  I have no problem with giveaways with lots of options (tweets, comments, follows, etc) but my physical address, phone number, etc is NOT needed.  IF I were to win I would be happy to give info but there is no need to collect several hundred addresses.  Nothing good can come from that.  Even email info for a rafflecopter.  Rafflecopter already has that if you need to notify me of a win!  Also making these or other complicated entries the mandatory entries.  

8)  Selling, spamming or adding me to email lists without permission.  I get this a lot with giveaway entries that ask for email (see above), the next thing I know I get tour offers or email updates for their blog, etc.  EXCUSE ME?!  I did not sign up for this.  Now when I enter giveaways, I have to state that with my email.  Same thing with I am in contact with people sometimes.  I get emails, generic review offers, etc but not name or actual contact.  Just randomly added to a subscription list that I have to take my time to unsubscribe.  Blogs that have done that find themselves BLOCKED from my browser entirely.  This is a very quick way to lose a follower.

9)  Stat pushing.  While I do this too, I HATE it.  Wanting more followers, pageviews, comments, etc.  The push to keep up with other blogs.  Same with posts, reviews, etc.  We want more, more, more.  We trust site with large numbers.  Authors are more trusting and active with them too.  So smaller, newer blogs are constantly under pressure to get others to check out their blog.  To inspire comments, get reader and author involvement.  Goodreads, Netgalley, twitter, facebooks, blogs are all very stat based.  

10)  Adobe Digital Editions and PDFs.  I hate requesting for a book and only being sent a book I have to read on my comp through Adobe.   And then I only have 30-60 days to do so.  Then the book is gone!  No far!  If I take the time to read and review ones book I should be able to keep the book!  Otherwise I would have simple waited and checked the book out from the library.  So when I request a ebook, I should be offered my choice of format!  Have copies ready in various formats.  PDF is a pain on my kindle.  Often the font is way too small.  So I have to try and have the book converted.  This is time consuming and sometimes does not come out very well.  Authors and publishers should spend enough time and consideration to do this themselves to make sure they come out right. And when I am on Netgalley or other sites, or join a tour, the book should be available in a format easiest for me to use.   Help reviewers help the writers!   

Again, all these things are my opinion and are not meant to offend anyone.  They happen.  However, blogging has still been a great experience and I still get to share my love of books! 

Day 8 

 Well, still being under my first year of blogging, my moments are small.  But so far.  Getting first followers and comments were great.  Also, my first review request from an author.  Those are my best moments.  Every time I get a new follower or comment always has me so happy.  Even giddy.  To know that someone likes my blog or has an opinion enough to share with me.  Especially authors who stop by when my review isn't part of a tour.  What a special surprise those are!!  So I do not have one special moment, but several!  And a HUGE thanks to those that contribute to those moments!!!!

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