Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 New Year's Challenge Day 1

DAY 1:  My Blogger Resolutions   

Be more active in content.  
November and December were pretty dead months for me.  I had no extra posts ready to fill in time gabs.  I do not want to do that again.  So I want to work ahead more to have back-ups.  Alsoto have a better schedule so that there is a good variety of  blitzes, giveaways, reviews, memes, and other posts.  

To catch up on my review books.  
I accepted a lot of books for review thinking I had a lot of time and was approved for more books that I thought and ended up with a HUGE list of books I committed to.  I quickly found myself way behind when I listed them all down.  So this year is catch-up!  I will probably be getting a lot less books this year as my focus will be on what I missed.  but I still plan to share some great 2014 books as well so fear not about new books!  

To better connect with other bloggers. 
To visit and spend more time on other blogs. 
I do not have much in the way of connections and need to start making some.  This one is going to be a big struggle for me.  I did not grow up in a social setting and so have a very difficult time reaching out to others.  Regardless I will do my best and hopefully make some new friends along the way!  

To better organize this blog.  
I am way behind on my archive and tags & posts are a chaotic mess.  I want to clean things up and make this blog fun and very user friendly again.

This is not entirely blog related but can effect my reading/blogging.   I want to finish cataloging all my books.  One to create a reading order and also so I stop getting duplicate books! 

What are your resolutions for blogging?  Or if you do not blog, any other bookish resolutions for 2014? 

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  1. Quote:
    "To better connect with other bloggers."
    We all seem to strive for it this year. I want to step out of my box as well. Not only it gives one's blog a spotlight, but it's great fun and makes one meet alike minds. I'm enjoying this challenge, time-consuming as it is. Once in a while, it's just the ticket!!

    1. It is the popular desire of many. Guess we should start by connecting with one another :) This challenge has been a great way to set the path for this year.


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