Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year's Challenge-Days 9 and 10 combined


Well I didn't have much to say for day 9 so I am combining it with Day 10

So Day 9 was  
Cons or Events I Hope To Attend

Well, there never seems to be much near where I love that is affordable.  There are a few Comic and Anime cons I might check out but not much else within a few hours drive.  Being money is extremely  tight this year, travel or high cost events are out.  I live in Northern/Central California so if anyone knows of anything in the Sacremento/San Fransisco type areas let me know! :)

Now for Day 10! 
New Things I Will Be Doing This Year

Now this is quite a bit!  

  • I want to get more interactive things going so I will be going mini games on my blog and/or Facebook page.  Some will be for prizes, others just for fun!
  • I am going to try and finish on my book list of books I own, that way I can go through my TBR and separate books I do not own into a wishlist.  My TBR is so long I need to slit things up a bit better.
  • Scheduling posts ahead more and also getting a few spare posts ready.   I don't want to go long periods of time with no posts.  
  • Discussion posts.  I mostly focused on tours, reviews and meme's last year but I want to do a few more unique things here as well.  I want to share my opinions on things but also want to hear from you as well on things.
  • Possibly look for an extra reviewer.  Sometimes I get behind on things but I always want to bring something fresh to share.  
  • I want to try to participate in a 24 reading marathon (or something similar) if i can find one that matches my schedule.
Otherwise, just LOTS of improvements.  Catch up on review books, keep up better on reviewing (and not just reading) books, finish some series, Comment more and respond to comments sooner, etc.

Anything you want to see new or improved here? 
 Please let me know!  




  1. I'd like to participate in a reading marathon too, but I think my husband would be more supportive if I did an actual marathon. He thinks I read enough as is and I'm can you even read enough? There's so many books to read!

    Discussion posts are awesome. Looking forward to see what you have planned. :)

    1. Haha! My man would say the same thing. You can never read enough though!


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