Sunday, October 26, 2014

Spiritual Police 1 by Youka Nitta (review)

Spiritual Police, Vol. 1Spiritual Police vol 1
by Youka Nitta
Genre(s) Graphic Novels, Manga, 18+, Yaoi-M/M
 Pages:  168
Published: May 2013
Publisher: SuBLime
Summary:  "On the recommendation of one of his senior detectives, Nagatsuma, a member of a special criminal investigative unit, starts receiving therapeutic bodywork from blind masseur Aoi, a man with both skilled hands and gorgeous looks. Nagatsuma quickly becomes addicted to the relief that Aoi brings him and begins looking forward to the time they spend together. But Aoi's got a secret he can't ever let Nagatsuma find out... A tale of passion and obsession from the creator of Embracing Love!"

Review:  An interesting start to the series. Although I fear that may be all this will be. Over 1 year has passed on no official news can be found about the next volume. A lesson I have learned with manga...that often means a series has been dropped and discontinued.

However, I like to be hopeful and for the time being I give this volume 3.5 star rating. Consider it less of it is not continued.

It starts off with Officer Nagatsuma going in for a massage from a man named Aoi. Aoi serves high profile clientele but Nagatsuma's referral got him right in.

Nagatsuma is your typical, strong,logical man. Aoi reads aura's and is blind. While Nagatsuma scoffs at Aoi's ability to read him at first, circumstances have him wondering.

Both men are drawn to each other. Their different personalities are opposites so i am more drawn to them together. However both have secrets from the other. Aoi's I fear are darker or more troublesome but to know more I need the next volume!

The art is okay. Not my favorite but I have seen a lot worse. The characters are potentially interesting but also could dry up quick. It is hard to draw conclusions on this series based on it's one volume.

*A digital copy of this book was loaned to me in exchange for a fair and honest review.*


  1. Interesting to hear about this one--EMBRACING LOVE goes on forever, so it would be weird if this were a one-shot. The guys on the cover do look similar physically to the EMBRACING LOVE guys, but she does have a very appealing style...

    Trix, vitajex(At)aol(Dot)com

  2. I have trouble looking at manga and noticing illustrator differences. I guess I just look from a high level, because it seems that there are certain types that appear over and over across various different stories. Shame that it only got one chance. I feel like that happens a lot in Japan - you get a tiny bit of the story and it doesn't get continued. But that could be good too, because maybe it means that the manga authors are given a chance in the industry when starting out, more so than authors in the US trying to go the traditional publishing route.


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