Saturday, October 18, 2014

Promote Your Genre MiniChallenge Giveaway- Dewey's Readathon



Welcome to Hour 19 of the Dewey's Read-a-thon!

Are you starting to feel the strain of the hours? Well, while we are on the downhill slope, we still have several hours to go.  So I figure it is time to wake everyone off and let them show off and revel in their favorite book genres.
 This is the:

We all have a favorite genre (or genres...) So think about it a moment (just one genre please) and sell/promote it.  Convince me or others to want to read it, buy the books and get excited about it!

Be creative!  Give a skit, think like a commercial or car salesman....etc.  Be as original as you want.  
Feel free to use statistics, facts,etc.  You can refer to authors, specific books or be generic.

Just try to convince others to read from your favorite genre in the comments below.    If you are using images, pictures etc just leave a link.  Or turn this into your own blog post with a link for me to check it out.  Whatever works best for you!

There will be 1 random winner and 1 handpicked winner.  
(two total winners)

The random winner will be selected be a randomizer, so as long you did at least  leave a 1 full sentence attempt at the challenge (more than "____ is the best ever because it is cool") then you have a chance.  **Bonus entries by following me (comment on how and username) and also Tweeting about this challenge!**

The prize: A book from your favorite genre from the book depository (up to $15 in value)

The handpicked winner will be decided by myself & 3 others, as a panel.  This winner is based on the best pitch!  Whoever we feel promoted their favorite genre the best (most convincing, original, creative) will win.  My 3 helpers are of various ages and like different genres so that this is as fair as I can make this.
 The winner here will get a $40 shopping spree at The Book Depository!! 
Winners will be selected and notified in a couple days (once I have recouped, lol). Once contacted, winners will have 48 hours to respond.  
Please leave email with your comment so I can let you know if you won! No email=no win.

Giveaway ends at hour 22 (Just over 3 hours from this being first posted) so be sure to comment right away! 


  1. Swedish Noir Novella: Is a great genre because it has the mystery of any thriller plus unbelievable dark yet beautiful settings. Authors from this genre seemed to have taken the darkness of a very long winter and put into their creepy characters to the dot!
    My email: cplazasg(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Imagine being able to travel in time, meet new cultures, and explore regions not yet discovered by human kind. Sounds like fantasy doesn't it? Well it is, the fantasy genre that is. Give it a shot, you never know who you'll meet. (

  3. Have you been craving a little mayhem in your life? Are you constantly wishing someone would cast a spell on you? Then look no further! I'm bringing you the best of the best in genres, the fantasy novel! This action-packed novel has everything you could want, and more! It has spellbinding plots, action-packed pages, and even a handsome hunk or two Buy right now, and we're throw in some swag for free! It's all yours, so hurry and call today!

    This is all I got :P Five hours of sleep will do that! pinkdaddysgirl[at]gmail[dot]com

    I follow you via BlogLovin under the name Ariel Wilson!

    Tweeted under @Ariel_Librarian!

  4. Sci-Fi! Why is Science Fiction the best you ask? Because what other genre lets you travel through space! Or go back in time! Or forward in time! There’s also aliens! Hot, humanish aliens. Or weird, possibly aggressive aliens. Also, there’s the excitement of Dystopian societies! Sure, you’d never want to live in them, but they’re fun to read about and make you thankful you don’t live there. And, my favorite of them all, alternate and parallel universes! There’s likely another you out there! While you’re reading this, they might be doing something more interesting!


  5. I'm promoting Fantasy! Just think about it, the world building is going to be really interesting and great and many other elements can be added to fantasy such as historical or sci-fi. The variety of books is huge and I bet everybody can find at least one book in the genre of which they like! There's just so much diversity. Fantasy is also great if you want to escape reality for a while. It's much easier to forget everything in a world which doesn't remind us of the world we currently are living in. Also the plot choices are huge, the character variety is great and the world can be as imaginative as the author likes. Anything can happen in fantasy, it can happen in a world much like ours (Harry Potter) or in somewhere completely different! It is also possible to write romance is fantasy and add contemporary elements which attract completely different kind of readers even from different age groups. Like I said before, fantasy is for all!

    Here's my email: bookbunnysburrow(at)

    1. Sorry about the typos. Not sleeping can cause things like that to happen ;)

  6. Mysteries are where it's at! They keep you guessing, keep you interested and there are all different kinds. Cozy ones where the gore is to a minimum and really creepy ones that can give you nightmares. There are mysteries set all over the world, so whether you want to read a book set in your local area or one set on the farthest corner of the world you can find one. I read all different genres but mysteries will always be my true love. Give one a go. You may just find yourself looking for clues in real life. ;)

  7. Do you enjoy experiencing all the feels? Is there anything better than a set of beautifully written pages that have the potential to make you cry hard and laugh even harder? Do you ever wish you could live multiple real life experiences vicariously through these very same pages? If you answered "Well, yes, of course I wish all of those things!" To the previous questions... Then reading Memiors is for you! Come join the fun! You'll get the once in a lifetime chance to experience hilariously fun times you wish were your own tales as well as have your heart strings pulled by beautifully sad experiences you're glad to not have to be a part of.

    1. When I read your first sentence I thought for sure it was YA! but how very wrong was I. You're very convincing.

  8. Leaves are falling off the trees
    There are no more bees
    Time to get in and get cozy with tea
    And take a great look over the sea.
    The book you hold in your hand
    Is the only genre that you can stand
    It's a good old chick lit story
    It makes the world seems to be glory
    That's what chicklit does best
    You can't put your eyes to rest
    The books makes you have a lot of feels'
    Snd that's why chicklit is the dealz!

  9. Fantasy... Another world is opened to you!

  10. I love YA books of any type. I love Sci Fi, realistic fiction, romance, but I especially love a psychological Thriller. They are intense and fast paced and they really get my blood pumping and mind a thinking. They keep me all night and make me look around every corner. I Love them!

  11. Personally, fantasy novels are my favorite genre of books, and let me tell you why.
    The main reason I enjoy the fantasy genre is because I’m put into a world that is not my own. In this new world, my senses get something different than in the reality we’re living in. It may not be an experience in real life, but it is an experience on a whole different level. The words authors use make your imagination roam wild, and your imagination is stronger than the mere reality of our world.
    You’re on a journey with an unknown character(s) in an unknown world. It’s like going to a country that you’ve never even heard of such as, Turkmenistan, Kiribati, or Qatar.
    That is why I enjoy fantasy. I get to be transported to a new world with just the turning of my fingertips.

  12. Kill two birds with one stone. Read historical fiction. You have all the joys of a wonderful spey with the added benefit of learning about history.

  13. Everyone longs for an adventure: whether that longing is a tangible thirst or a dull thrum in your subconscious, it exists. Magic, daring feats, strange peoples and lands all comprise the effect desired by such want. Fantasy tales do this for us, without every having to leave the security of the mundane.
    In all your life, when have you thought magic or the sage words of roaming centaur may have aided in a decision or action? If you're anything like myself, the answer is just about everyday. And arguably all art is fantasy, putting a different lens on the world around you, but why not go into the extremes of taking yourself to different worlds, immersing yourself in new cultures, and seeing things with your mind's eye that only can exist in the imagination?
    Read fantasy and experience lives that could never be lived.

  14. Can you imagine being able to travel through time, pet a dragon, fight for the good things in this world, fly on a hippogriff or cast a spell? It may not be able for every people in this world but it is possible if you choose to read fantasy novels. No matter how young or old you are you’re still able to find the magic in your heart, you just have to look.

  15. Welcome to a new world. Here be dragons. Good dragons, evil dragons. Good wizards, evil wizards. But it doesn't end here. All kinds of creatures, you didn't even dare to imagine live in these worlds. And it's not just weird creatures. The nature, world organization, climate, everything can be different than here. And the best thing? It's all just a turn of page away. Do you dare enter the magical realm and read fantasy?

    (Email is stanic007(at)gmail(dot)com)

  16. Step Right up, Ladies & Gentlemen.
    I won't be inviting your children of all ages!!
    Why? Because I invite you to witness the gruesome, the thrilling, the terrifying! That's Right! I welcome you to the Horror Genre!
    We have the supernatural-from flesh Eating zombies, to blood-sucking vampires. We have chilling ghosts that will have you sleeping with the lights on. We have killers that will chill your blood and have you jumping at every sound and movement. And other monsters and nightmares you can't even begin to yet imagine. Some of our best entertainers tonight include, HP Lovecraft, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Peter Straub, & Richard Matheson! So buy your book, take a seat and prepare to be horrified!

    -Kammy T
    -bloglovin follower
    (don't have Twitter)
    kat21_2011 @ yahoo .com

  17. I made a very sleepy vlog to convince you to read YA fantasy!

  18. My entry's at

    and my email is hulu315 [at] gmail [dot] com

  19. You're a 12-year-old bookworm. You've read your way through most of your library's meager YA section, and, seeing as it's the YA section, you've endured more than your fair share of boy/girl instant romances. But what if a boy/girl romance doesn't relate to you, to the slowly-increasing inklings in your heart? Well, thankfully, as you realize that you're not attracted to the gender that you're expected to be interested in, you also realize that there are some books on these shelves that contain something different. They show you that there's another way to be, that people like you do exist - in books, and in real life. Thank goodness for LGBT+ YA fiction!

    - Steph, smarie893 at gmail dot com. Please forgive me if this is incoherent - It's hour 21, and I'm quite sleepy!

  20. Wish you were a kid again? Need a break from the life of a boring, old adult? Pick up a fairy tale and immerse yourself back into your childhood. Remember stories filled with fairies, dragons and more? There's even adult retellings if you need something a little naughty in your life.

    dragonzgoil at gmail dot com

  21. I pick fantasy because it allows all of your dreams come true. Ever hoped flying, owning a dragon, fight against evil, or being the bad guy? Reqding fantasy gives you all of these options and more. You don't have to just daydream it anymore, you can live these dreams through reading fantasy.

    throughbookshelves at gmail dot com

  22. I love SF. Why? Because when I read it, I am actually reading about a possible future. Even MY possible future. I mean, ok, who doesn't like dragons.. but I know they are not real, I know I will never have one for a pet.. But oh man would I love to spin around the block that flying car... And maybe I will.
    Call me in 50years, we can laugh at this post together.

  23. Historical Fiction is a gateway to information. It looks atthe true fragile nsture of history: One small change and the whole world could be different!

  24. Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to live someone else's life? Or do need a break from your own life? Don't worry! FANTASY is your answer! That pet dragon you always dreamed about? Or falling in love with your dream prince? THAT'S RIGHT, it's all yours! But everything comes with a'd have to battle dark magic and risk your own life in order to save the people from the gruesome king, BUT YOU CAN DO IT
    WAIT, that's not all! The best part is that even if you stumble and fall over a cliff you will wake up on your couch without a single scratch, SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? Go and read your fantasy book now!!

  25. I just woke up in a bit of a panic so let's see if I can quickly type this out before times up. I definitely recommend fantasy. There are so many possibilities and adventures in it, escaping to another time or place, meeting creatures of all colours, shapes and sizes, there are wizards, witches, dragons, folklore from all different cultures. Imagine someone has creatures the cultures of so many different people, their political intrigues and magic systems whether it be alchemy or spells or brews. I adore fantasy, I adore the craziness, the glass case of emotions and fangirling I feel as I'm encompassed by this different world. It's amazing seeing what people bring to life in fantasy and that experience is always rewarding.

    1. I also follow via bloglovin another the name Isa.

    2. eek also my email is


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