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Top Ten Tuesday Ten Finished Series I Have YET to Finish as of summer 2015


 Top Ten Tuesday Ten Finished Series I Have YET to Finish 
I used to have a terrible habit of this.  Starting a series, and being sidetracked and then have about 50+ series started and not finished.  In the past couple years I have gotten better at that, and slowly been making more progress through various series/trilogies.  but I have a long way to go and these are just a few to get through.

Vector Prime (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order, #1)   Star wars novels:  
I shared the New Jedi order in particular because that is one I started but have yet to complete.  Some things happened in the series I didn't like that involved favorite characters and weird personality changes.  But honestly, my goal is to real all star wars books that are published.  So this is both for a finished series and overall, published within the Star Wars universe. 

Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold (Magic Kingdom of Landover, #1) 

The Magic Kingdom of Landover:
I started this series years ago and loved it, however I did not have the rest nor did my local library after the third book.   Now I own them all and just need to restart the series over before continuing once again.


Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles, #1) 

The Vampire Chronicles: 
Another one I started year ago.  I have no idea why I stopped.  Likely was sidetracked.   I recently re-read this one to continue the series once more.  With all the details, this is not one to go long periods of time without reading.

Left Behind (Left Behind, #1) 

The Left Behind series:
I started these by borrowing them from my grandmother.  When I moved away, I had yet to finish.  Now I own my own copy of the series, so hopefully soon I will get back to them.


Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, #1) 
The Inheritance Cycle:
I bought both this one and the second one as soon as they came out, but within the next 3 years, while waitign for the next book, I found other series, and I have been lazy in reading the massive tome that is book 3.

The Loners (Quarantine, #1)


As far as I know this is finished.  Regardless, I still need to read the 3rd book.

Losing It (Losing It, #1)  

Losing It:

Even though the other novels are more companion books, they are considered a series.  I loved the first book, even though it was outside my normal reading realm.

A Dawn of Dragonfire (Dragonlore, #1)


I really enjoyed the first book.  Just haven't forked out the cash for the next book...

Hex Hall (Hex Hall, #1) 

Hex Hall:
I have the last book and plan to read it either this month on next month at the latest. :)

Double Love (Sweet Valley High, #1) 

Sweet valley:
I have read most of the books of this series when I was a tween/teen growing up but not all of them.  even now, many years later, I am determined to finish the series.   

And for my fellow manga series fans, these are 10 manga series I need to finish:

Crimson Hero, Vol. 1 (Crimson Hero, # 1)Death Note, Vol. 1: Boredom (Death Note, #1)Fruits Basket, Vol. 1 (Fruits Basket, #1)Otomen, Vol. 1 (Otomen, #1)Rurouni Kenshin, Vol. 1 (Rurouni Kenshin, #1)Boys Over Flowers: Hana Yori Dango, Vol. 1 (Boys Over Flowers, #1)Hikaru no Go, Vol. 1: Descent of the Go Master (Hikaru no Go, #1)Ranma ½, Vol. 1 (Ranma ½ (US 2nd), #1)Samurai Deeper Kyo, Volume 01Vampire Game, Volume 01


  1. Nice! I've only read the Hex Hall series here! Was sad that the spinoff was canceled so soon!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Sweet Valley! Now that's a series I haven't heard about in a long time!

    Here's my Top Ten Series I've YET to Finish!

  3. I think Losing It is the best from the series but some of the others are an ok read and they are short so its worth the read. Hope you enjoy them!

    My TTT

  4. I also need to finish Hex Hall! I haven't read any other series on this list, but I hope you finish them soon!

    My TTT

    Lizzie @ Big Books and Grande Lattes

  5. I haven't read any of these, but I really want to get to Eragon since I own the entire series. I guess they are a little intimidating because of their size!

    My list

  6. Ah, to go back and finish Sweet Valley High, that would be a blast from the past! I do need to finish the Eragon series, although I don't know that I will.
    Check out my Top 10

  7. I've read all the losing it books, I liked the third one as much as the first one but second one sucked. But you can read the first book All Lined Up from her new series, Rusk University. It is even better than this series. Also Nice list you've got there!
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  8. awww Sweet Valley High brings back memories :) My TTT

  9. I was addicted to Sweet Valley High as a young teenager! I read pretty much all of that series but couldn't get the seniors books at all. I read some of the university series and liked the way some characters like Todd and Enid developed-but Elizabeth started to really annoy me and I stopped reading eventually. Hope you can finish the series at some point!

  10. I would totally recommend finishing the Inheritance cycle! :D The books just get better and better :)

  11. Wow. I've only heard of half of the series you listed and I haven't finished ANY of them either. I also read SVH growing up but I'm pretty sure I didn't make it to the end. It's been so long, I don't remember.

  12. Don't feel bad; I have so many series I need to finish. ;)

  13. I really just need to READ Eragon (I've only seen the movie and whenever I bring that up a lot of people tend to get angry so I need to see what the fuss is about xD)

  14. Only one I have read of these is "Dawn of Dragonfire" which I really enjoyed! I have started the Ann Rice books but didn't finish, as I prefer the Chelsea Quinn Yarbro vampire books. and I have read a few of the Star Wars books. My 3 favorite series right now (that I am caught up on) are Ilona Andrew's "Magic", Seanan McGuire's Toby Daye books and Patricia Brigg's Mercedes Thompson books which start with Moon Called. Highly recommend these series If you enjoy fantasy with some romance.

  15. I bought the first Lex Thomas book called Quarantine ages ago and just have never ever sat down and read it. Are they good? I've heard it's a bit of a "Lord of the flies" sort of feeling and that worries me since that's one of my all time least favorite books :/

  16. I haven[t read nay of these book yet :( Though I've been meaning to get started on the Hex Hall series for ages now. And I need to read Eragon too; I've only watched the movie and loved it. I'm horrible when it comes to finishing series. Now, most of the time, I wait until I have all the books in the series before starting it.


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