Monday, September 28, 2015

Blog Ahead this October. 2015 Challenge Commitment

Blog Ahead 2015

This is a great challenge for me!  The objective is for bloggers to prepare extra scheduled posts for the upcoming holidays.  31 if  possible is the idea.  31 posts prepared between Oct 1-31, in addition to however many you had going into the month.  For me, that will be none. 

 I have fallen very far behind these past couple months in posts.  I fear what the holidays were going to look like here and was already trying to figure out a way to get caught up and ahead once again.  This challenge may be part of the solution.  Great inspiration to get them going!  

I'll post about how many posts I've prepared at the first of November.  See you then and feel free to click the button to join in yourself!


  1. I'm excited to do this and get ahead with my posts again, especially with NaNoWriMo in November. And hey, you'll almost have one post to add to your challenge with your update for how you did! :-) Good luck!

  2. Woots! Glad to have you joining us this year! Good luck with your challenge posts. We've got the FB group if you need a blogging motivation boost during the challenge :D Lots of us in there ready to cheer ya on :)


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