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REVIEW: Six Points of Light: Hook's Origin by Kalynn Bayron

Six Points of Light: Hook's Origin

Six Points of Light: Hook's Origin (1)

by Kalynn Bayron


Genre(s): Adventure, Retellings, Young Adult

Pages: 206

Published: April 2015 (originally)

Re-published Jan 2016

Publisher: Booktrope Editions


Official Synopsis: "St. Catherine's is a place for misfits, for the forgotten, and it is also the only home James Cook has ever known. Abandoned on the front steps as an infant, James is raised by Sister Maddie who loves him like the mother he never knew. Growing up at St. Catherine's, James battles one illness after another, and spends most of his time in the infirmary.

One night, a young boy is delivered to St. Catherine's in the arms of his distraught mother. The boy, Peter, is mischievous and James tries his hardest to stay as far away from him, and his band of merry followers, as possible. The younger boys at St. Catherine's are drawn to the charismatic Peter, but James, being older and in his humble opinion, wiser, is not recruited so easily.

As the two become more closely acquainted, Peter reveals to James that he has a secret. This secret will turn James' life upside down and set he and Peter on a collision course with destiny in that far of place known to children and dreamers...Neverland.

Before he was Captain Hook, he was simply James Cook, and as it turns out, he was not such a dastardly villain after all.

Join some of the most beloved characters in literature as their roots are laid bare and the truth of their humble beginnings is revealed.



Review: This is quite a different retelling. This isn't some happy new imagination of a fun adventure. No, this is darker, twisted and will make you rethink the story of Peter Pan. All our favorite characters are here. James Cook (Hook), Peter, Wendy, John, Micheal, Smee, Tigerlily, Tinkerbell and even Hook's least favorite crocodile! They all play a part. And for many of them, the roles are not quite what you'd expect from the original tales.

James grew up in an orphanage, with one of the Sisters raising him practically as her own. a quite, studious, well behaved child that I instantly felt drawn to. Then Peter shows up with a final message from his mother to never grow up. Where's James' character is kind, sweet and morally upstanding, James is obsessed and bratty. And that is putting it kindly.

I was expecting more fantasy in this book but much of it takes place in the real world. While a bit disappointing on one side, the story was quite enthralling on it's own. What Peter does....there are no words I can share without spoiling. Let us simply say I would never want to come across him! Another reason the lack of Fantasy was okay was that this was just book one! I am most eager to learn more of these adventures.

In some ways, the setting and characters seem perfect. It actually goes quite well. The changes made make sense. Kalynn Bayron does a good job filling the holes. I really enjoyed is. Highly recommended for fans of Once Upon a Time tv series!


*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair, honest review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own.  

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