Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mad Libs Time!

Who likes Mad Libs?  Every once in a while I enjoy these.  And lately, I have had them on my mind.  Thanks to a book full of them from a friend.   So I thought I would try some with everyone here.

What I will do is list what we need for the blanks.  Simple comment with the answers.  When the puzzle is complete, I will share our results in a new post, with a new Mad Libs.  If we don't get enough participation I might look to twitter for help.  I will (hopefully) post the results and new list next weekend!

Rules:  Please give everyone a chance to participate. In order, give an answer to the next needed word.  No more than 2 words per person please.  Do not just jump on here, filling them in.  I hope for this to be a group thing.

Please keep this clean to a PG13 level.  No swear words, sexual words, etc.

Ready?  Here is what we need.  I will fill them in as we get them.

Number- 473
Plural Noun- Teapots
Noun #2-
verb (past tense)-
noun #3-
body part-
Noun #4-
Noun #5-
Noun #6-
Weird Sound-
Noun #7-
Adjective #2-



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