Monday, April 11, 2016

Prep Tips and plan for 24 hour readathon

It's almost here.  Dewey's 24 hour Readathon!
Now some of you may wonder why I am posting about preparation now.  I got almost two weeks and it is only a 1 day event right?  Well, to me, there is more to it.
First off, I am sharing this in the hopes that maybe some of you will join my in the readathon.  It is a huge internet event with over 2000 participants!  All around the world, at the same time, readers put aside the next 24 hours to reading.  Can't do that much?  It is okay, everything is your pace. If you got an hour, that is great!  Got 12 in you- fantastic! This is a pressure free readathon.  The only objective is to have fun!  Some don't even read, they just cheer or host events!  The only goals are ones you put on yourself (if you even want to).  Blogs, twitter, facebook and goodreads are all very active with updates, fun challenges, cheering and more!

For me this readathon weekend also coincides with a huge festival my husband and I take part in.  So I am going low-key this round.  No specific goals.  Just to read what I can.  We will be in a hotel room so I am limited on what I will have with me to read (can't take it all, lol), so my next week or so will be filled with choosing my stack of books. I will still bring plenty to keep me busy.  The real trick is food.  Being as I will be in a hotel room, I can't have foods I need to cook up.  It all has to be ready to eat snacks.  Any ideas?  I would love to hear them!  
Being my husband and I will share a room it is doubtful I will go the full 24 hrs.  I doubt he would be appreciative my keeping him awake reading.  But he has been forewarned I will still be up quite late (and early since it starts at 5am my time!).  So festival set up and party the day of the readathon and a busy, kite filled day on the beach the very next day!  It is going to be crazy-both fun and hectic.

If you are going for several hours to all 24 hours here are some tips you may want to keep in mind.
  • Clear your day. Let friends/family know.  Put up a do not disturb sign, turn off you phone, etc. For me having an unexpected phone call or doorbell ring can really throw me off when I am delving deep into a good book.  Plus I would hate for one to get in touch with me to feel like I am giving them the brush off.  And if they are not a reader they will not get why you are doing so for a book!
  • Clean your space.  If I am trying to relax, it is not easy to do if there is a mess nearby.   But if my place is clean, it leaves my mind free to focus on the books.  No unwanted task thoughts or looking up to dirty coffee tables, etc.  Last thing you want to be stuck doing is dishes or laundry instead of reading.  Or if you try and tune it out, it might nag at you, thus taking away from bookish pleasure.

  •  Prepare your food.  About a week before the read-a-thon I like to figure out what I will eat that day.  I like a good variety of healthy snacks (carrot sticks, apples, etc) to sugary energy (red vines, brownies, skittles, etc).  Then drinks and meals.  I don't drink coffee much so tea is a huge go-to for me.  Then meals.  to keep energy high and avoid any major snacking, meals are still important but I don't want to take away from my reading for cooking.  So the 2 days before the read-a-thon I do any last minute shopping, prepping and cooking.  When the readathon starts, food is laid out on the counter or at the front of the fridge, ready to go.  Simply dishing/pouting or heating is required. This year will be extra tricky as stated in the beginning for me.

  • Rest.  The day or so before the readathon, get plenty of rest if you plan to try to push through most of (or all of) the 24 hours.  You will feel drained at the end but if you get even an extra 30 minutes sleep the couple nights before, it helps balance it.  Also, I back off on reading.  My eyes will be strained and tired enough after several hours of reading that day.  I want them to be well rested too.  I also advise eye drops or warm washcloths to use during the readathon, if you go more than 12 hours especially.  I promise it helps.  
  • Choose your books.  I always have a huge stack ready to go a few days before the readathon.  I start picking out possibilities about a week before it starts.  Then slowly weed it down some as I figure out my mood.  For this, I really advise getting books you WANT to read.  This is not the best time for obligation books for school, book reviewing, etc.  If the book does not excite you, leave it alone.   
Have a variety of books.  Different genres and types. Short stories, graphic novels and even childrens books are great!  I always have more books than I can read, not as a pressure, but for variety.  Sometimes a book sounds good but when it is go time, it just doesn't strike my fancy at the moment.  Or I start and then find I don't care for it so much.  I also usually have a few graphic novels and even kids books for the start and end of the readathon.   For me, the readathon starts before the sun comes up.  I am not a morning person, so light reading is what I do until I am awake.  Then by the time hour 20 draws around, I am about done, so switching back to light reading is best.  Also, easier on the eyes.
Another tip is larger font.  Again, save eye strain.  Even if you have good vision.  When you read for long hours, it takes it's toll.  Avoid books with tiny print.  Or even wear reading glasses, even if you normally don't.  It make a big difference for the readathon and the next day. 

Are you planning on participating or have you in the past?  What are your thoughts?  Any tips or advice?  Amazing food choices that keep you energized (or are book friendly)?


  1. I'm planning to join again because I agree the readathon is so much fun and you get to meet new bloggers. I'm going to a baseball game with family that day, so not quite sure how that will work out, but I'll give it a shot. Good luck with your reading and have fun at the festival!

  2. I never do these because I feel like I don't really have the time to dedicate to reading, and anything less just feels like regular reading to me. But I love the idea!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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