Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mini Reviews: DK Adventures- Star Wars Jedi Battles and Sith Wars

DK Adventures: Star Wars: Jedi Battles   
Featuring the most exciting duels and epic battles that have ever been fought in the Star Wars galaxy, DK Adventures: Star Wars: Jedi Battles will show you just how the Jedi succeed in battle, lightsaber techniques, deadly weapons, and other-world allies. Let the journey begin!

DK Adventures: Star Wars: Sith Wars

Venture deep into the dark side and discover the world of the evil Sith. Find out more about incredible Sith powers and ruthless plots to take over the galaxy with this all-new "DK Adventures: Star Wars: Sith Wars"!

Good books build great readers. Created in consultation with literacy experts, "DK Adventures" will appeal to proficient readers who have a love of reading for both information and pleasure.

With rich, descriptive vocabulary, and interactive elements including diaries, recipes, poetry, character profiles, diagrams, and articles to support the stories, "DK Adventures" focus on engaging, action-packed topics that will develop comprehension skills and continue to build a child's love of reading.

Supports the Common Core State Standards.
I am doing these as a common, dual review.  Why?  Because I have the same things to say about both.  These are very strongly geared toward young children.  Mainly children struggling to grasp the movies and their themes.  While the age group was fine, if still offers no new content.  I tried reading these to some youngsters (wanna -be padawans) and they Kept saying things like "I know that" and "I saw that in the movies."  No one seemed to gain any insight from these and that was disappointing.  For their sake.  
However they all like the images and some lightsaber and weapons/ship details.  While they had the basics, this was the one area the books offered extra info  All pictures were clear and crisp.  Mind you, most were images straight from the movies (how wrong can you go?).  Still, the kids had more fun just looking at the pictures and sharing their own tales.  The info these books provided did not keep their attention.
All, in all, an okay book to maybe check out from the library but not worth the cost for personal collecting in my opinion.

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