Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Madness Giveaway 3

Monday Madness Giveaway 3

What is this?   Well to start with, it is Monday.  For many, that means back to work or school.  Most of us are not fans of this day.  SO to brighten it up a bit I will be hosting a weekly giveaway.  This will start on Mon and end on Sunday.  The Winner will be announced for the new week.  
The prizes may very each week.  Mostly ebooks, and many will be a surprise but you never know so be sure to check back each week.  The only thing I promise is that the prize will always be bookish in nature.  ebooks, arcs, swag, etc.  Entry requirements will also change week-to-week.

Last weeks winner : Kammy!  Congratulations!!!

So, the past 2 attempts did not garner much interest so this is my last attempt at this.  If this does not get at least 10 participants, it will be the last Monday Madness giveaway for awhile.   

This week the giveaway is going to be a bit different and a little game based.  

I want you to leave 1 word that you would use to describe this blog.  Whoever wins, I will take their word and find an ebook that starts with one of the letters of that book.  
Example:  If you leave the word 'poor'  I will find a book starting with a P, O, or R for the prize!  Please note, Titles that start with, A, An, The may or may not count for the first word.

If this gets over 75 entries, I will draw 2 winners!

Winners will be chosen at random.  All entries will be verified!  Winner has 48 hours to respond once they have been notified. 
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  1. I like these giveaways and I wish more people would participate!
    I would use the word "colorful" :) I'd prefer mobi or epub format. My mail is thetemporaryescape0 @

  2. Fun! You've always got something going on here :) I prefer mobi and my email is oboechica88 @

  3. I think I'd describe it as as active. I'm actually really jealous of how much you can post. I'd like epub, and mybookshelfisneverfull @

  4. Fun :) Thank you, I shared, hopefully more ppl this week!

    1. sry forgot to say mobi/kindle format and my email is kamclauc AT gmail DOT com


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