Friday, September 13, 2013

Changes, Feedback and Construction time!

So I have fallen a bit behind archiving my reviews lately. I do apologize.    I am working on straightening that out over the next few days.  Also I am  setting up search tags and changing my rating system from stars to dragons.  I hope these changes will reflect a bit more personality and easier searching for you.  

However, I must warn you these changes may be slow coming.  I have been under the weather with vertigo (they think).  so my focus to stare at a computer can be very short right now.  I hope to recover soon and get all these changes underway. 

Also, I wanted to open this up as a time for feedback.  Any changes you like or do not like that I have made?  Also, what would you like to see more here?  I have had others mention games or engaging users more and I am struggling there still.  So what can I do more to get activity going?

 The one thing I know people want more of is giveaways however this is hard for me as I am limited on funds so I apologize if the lack of giveaways (or prize value) is far from satisfactory but I still want this to be the best I can make it within my means. I have a few running right now and even a few print book giveaways coming up within the next month.  I am always looking for hops to joins so if you ever know of any, I would love to know.

So I think that sums things up.  Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on what is going on and also see what else I can do to make this an awesome blogstop.

Happy Reading and have a great weekend everyone!

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