Monday, July 22, 2013

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge- Day 1

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge

Hosted and created by Good Books and Good Wine.

This was created to learn about the blogger, fellow bloggers,etc as a community.

Day 1:  
 Make 15 Book related confessions

1)  I have WAY too many books- Including Fiction, Nonfiction, graphic novels, children books, Kindle books, etc  I have around 5000 total books.  My family keep telling me to open up a bookstore and when I mention me moving they all groan.  Not because of heavy furniture...Oh no, it is the boxes after boxes of books.

3) I am a HUGE Star Wars book fan.  I have over 200 of the books that I own and always trying to get my hands on more.

2)  All my books are organized a certain way.  Fiction- I separate  mass market/pocket paperbacks from Larger trade size and hardbacks then organize them by author (last name first)  THEN title (or series title).  The Exception-My Star Wars collection which is in chronological order.   Nonfiction is by subject matter and young Children's books are simply by size/series.  With all the books I have, they are stacked two rows deep on bookcases, so the order is stack top to bottom, then front to back, the left to right.  Repeat on the shelve below, move over to the next bookcase as needed.  I get really bent out of shape if someone just sticks a book somewhere it doesn't belong.

3) When I moved to Colorado in the middle of the first grade, I did not yet know how to read (I could recognize a few worlds like my name, mom, dad etc only).  1 year later (middle of second grade) I was the most advanced reader in that grade at the school.

4) While I have always enjoyed reading (except when I struggled learning how)  my real love for reading started in 7th Grade.  Last class of the day was English and I was so absorbed in the book I was reading I never head the bell ring.  My teacher had a staff meeting and when she came back I was still there!  So she pulled me aside and we talked about books.  Soon she is giving me books to read left and right, challenging me about my current reading level!  I owe SO much to her!

5)  I love finding plot loops/holes in the story.  Hopefully they aren't big ones though!

6) My to-read  (TBR) lists is never ending.  With all the books I own, plus all the ones I don't that I want, get from libraries, etc...HAH!  I see challenges to get your list smaller.  That will never happen.  I will always find something to add that I want to read.  The real question is WHEN.

7)  I LOVE books written in first person!  It really helps me get into the book and character.

8) When I go to someones home or I see someone reading I am always nosing over to see what they have.  My gym has a bookshelf with magazines and books that people leave to trade around.  Before I exercise or even change clothes, it is the first thing I take a look at. 

9)  I have at least 5 different books I am reading at the same time that I need to finish.  Just about 1 book in each room, plus going out, plus a couple extra :).

10) I read so very few classics in school it is embarrasing.  Seriously!  Never read Jane Austin books.  No Moby Dick, treasure Island, Charles Dickens, Frankenstein, wuthering Heights, etc.  Sad but true.  I have read more classics as an adult then I ever did in school.  In all school, one 1 Shakespeare (guess which one)!  Apparently I had a lacking education in that department and am now playing catch-up.

11)  I hardy ever DNF a book.  It has to be really bad or make me that angry (such as a recent book I tried to read that was plagiarized heavily from Warcraft).  

12) I cannot stand reading books of a series out of order.  It is one thing if the book belongs to a 'universe' or collection (such as Star wars, Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, etc) where authors are always building on it.  But even then I am picky about reading order.  This includes mysteries.  Even though each book is a story unto itself I still want to see the character growth starting at book 1.

13)  I hate seeing books written in/on.  Unless it is a workbook, make your motes someplace else!  So when I swap books or go to yardsales,etc I am not a happy camper.  A name on the inside cover is one thing but margin notes, underlining, etc I cannot and will not tolerate on my books.  People want to mark their books, fine but plan on keeping them forever if that is the case!  Again, just my opinion.  I am fine with basic creases, or dog-earred (no I do NOT do this myself but used books sometimes come that way) books, but writing is taboo for me!

14)  I read and enjoy books for all ages.  Childrens, Middle grade, YA, Adult....does not matter.  I will read it all.   One challenge I am trying to work on over time is 1001 childrens books to read.  I get strange looks from the library when I check out those little kids books... :)

15)  I do not always read the newest, latest greatest books.  I read what I want, when I want.  In fact, I love finding the books few today have heard of.  Be it a small, new author or a book written 10+ years ago that is just "old" to so many.  I love them all!  Great books can be found all over.  They don't have to be big authors, best-sellers, Fancy publisher backing, or new.  In fact, I love encourageing others to just try something new to them, away from the books with the latest hype.  


  1. Wow 5000 books!!! My family is always groaning when I go inside my local book stores and try their best to get me out before I buy anything. I think the ebook reader has really helped me out otherwise moving would definitely be a nightmare :P

    -Mari @ The Sirenic Codex

    1. I hate the idea of reading files and calling them 'books' but yeah, I have had to adapt to a kindle. Saves some but I still look for physical books but at least the kindle has helped from too many books taking over the house.

  2. 5000 books? I'll send you my mailing address and you'll send me some books, mmkay? (I wish i was kidding...) But we're similar in the sense that I hate DNFing a book and my parents don't understand why.

    Followed! (I’d also really appreciate a bloglovin’ follow and a comment on my post in return!)

    My Day 1

    - Nova @ Musings of a Blogder

    1. Hahaha...I love my books too much to part with them. My boyfriend finally has me down that for every physical book I get, I have to part with 1 over the course of a year. It's hard. But luckily I have found a great used book store to give them to.

  3. I'm totally with you on DNFing a book. And my friends really don't get why I NEED to read a series in order, even if I don't have to. Character development is a biggie for me, and in books that can be read out of order, the character development seems to happen more between books than within a single book. Loved your list!

    1. I am right there with you on character development and it is very true. I proved that when a friend and I sat done to watch an episode of Bones a while back. SHe was about nearly 2 seasons behind and kept asking why the characters responded differently and how certain things came about. Yet before the episode "No, I'll be fine, each episode is its own story." No. So much can change. Same in books. 1 book can hold a lot.


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