Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Fire King (review), C.S. Marks

The Fire King (Alterra Histories, #1)

Alterra Histories: 
 The Fire King (1)
By: C.S. Marks

Genre: Fantasy, Short Story/Novella
Published Aug 2012
Pages: 88

Publisher: Parthian Press

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Summary: "INTRODUCING the first in the Alterra Histories series of NOVELLAS.

From the creator of the beloved ELFHUNTER Series comes a tale of fate and faith, of the perils of pride, and of the power of love itself — as a King is forced to confront that which he has long denied–that which is in us all.
The Shadow has come to Alterra: a force of such power and terror that none may stand against it. It has but one purpose: to lure Aincor to his doom." 
Review: This was nicely written. A great welcome to a new fantasy world!

The characters were very unique and individualistic. I wish I could have got a bit more of Faelani especially. Being this is a short novella, I cannot say too much about the story itself. What I can say is there are a vast array of characters, creatures, and more. Alterra is a very detailed word, shown briefly to us. I want to read more from these lands.

While part of me loved the details here, part of me also said it was too much for a novella. Too much info, too many places, people, etc for so few words.At times, it is overwhelming. Yet C.S Marks is kind to us, giving us a glossary at the end to help us know what is what.

Overall, a very enjoyable fantasy that is a great intro into a whole new realm! I look forward to reading more by C.S. Marks!  


  1. The cover is lovely and great review. Novellas usually don't work for me for all of the reasons you stated. I'm usually left wanting more.

    1. I am not fond of novella's by themselves much, but when it is an intro (as in this case) or a filler to a full novel/series then they are fine, as I can look at the novella as bonus content. :)

  2. It's a nice review. You made me want to read it :3

  3. Thank you for the review. I'll have to mention this one to my husband. It sounds like the type he would like.


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