Thursday, June 6, 2013

Author Fun Fact-Dean Koontz Pen Names

Author Fun Fact


Dean Koontz has written over 100 books.  Mostly Suspense, Thrillers, Horror and Sci-Fi.  He is one of my favorite authors.  So, I figured I would share some information with you.  
Dean Koontz has written several of his novels under various pen names:
David Axton
 Leonard Chris 
Brian Coffey
 K. R. Dwyer
 Deanna Dwyer
  John Hill
Leigh Nichols
Anthony North
Richard Paige
Owen West
 Aaron Wolfe 

So, if you have ever read any of his books, be on the lookout for these names.  And the other way around.  He is an amazing writer.

One of my personal goals is to one day say I have read all of Dean Koontz's novels.  it will take awhile, especially as more come out.   The first book I ever read of his was House of Thunder, back in 7th grade.   I remember the long debate I had with my dad about reading his books as they were NOT young adult (although he does now have some children's books available) and several of his novels contain very mature content.  I am so greatfull to my dad for relenting and letting me read the book.    I have yet to read a single book of his I do not like. 


  1. Koontz and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship. When he sticks to telling a story, and allows his darker nature free reign, he's a ton of fun. Books like Twilight Eyes, The Bad Place, Phantoms, and Mr. Murder are high on my list. When he starts getting too philosophical and preachy, it's a struggle to finish.

    1. I think I have missed most of those so far. I do think the darker his books, the more I enjoy them for the most part. He does them so well. Mr. Murder is one of the ones I still need to read.


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