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King Solomon's Wives-Addicted (review) by Holly McDowell

King Solomon's Wives: Addicted 

King Solomon's Wive's-Addicted (2) 
By: Holly McDowell

Genre: Short story/Novella, Suspense
Published Mar 2013
Pages: 100

Publisher: Colioquy, LLC

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Summary:  "In the aftermath of a brutal, coordinated attack by male Hunters, the descendants of King Solomon’s harem have gone into hiding. Terrified, hungry, and mourning the loss of their Sisters, they live in fear and isolation, trying to avoid capture and hoping to find a way to reach each other.

Unaware of their plight is Sonya, a rogue Wife who ran away to Las Vegas when she violated the clan’s cardinal rule: falling in love with a man. Now married and coping with her husband’s addiction to the chemicals in her skin, Sonya lives in self-made exile, knowing that if they are discovered, the clan will punish her and kill her husband Ashe.

But when Wives turn up in Vegas held hostage by Hunters, Sonya can only save them by revealing herself, potentially sacrificing her freedom...and Ashe’s life.

Her family, her conscience, and thousands of years of historical bonds are at stake. And once again, Sonya will have to choose between duty and love."
Review:  Please note that this is the second of a series.  Click here to see my review of this first volume.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed the story.  It is very well written.  We meet a new character, Sonya and we also get a lot of perspective from Mina. I pity these girls/young women for the life the lead.  The moving, the secrecy, lack of trust, etc is sad to think about.  It is no way to live.  Yet it has been ground into them over the centuries.  while Sonya has managed to break free, and Mina wishes to, there are more who are devote and loyal than those who wish to be free. 

I miss reading about the Sumarras.   I miss the older settings with King Solomon himself.  I was hoping to wrap up a bit more info about the Hunters but I guess I will have to wait some more.

Again, what I didn't like was the lack of answers and how the books come out.  Like I state in my previous review, the idea of paying $2.99 per "episode" is a bit expensive.  I don't like buying movies in parts and books even less so.  Especially for the price and the wait time in between.  Now, waiting up to 1 month I can understand.  More than that for what you get is not very fair. As of right now there is no more information for a release for the third part.  But these are my personal pet peeves.  Do not hold it against the story itself.   

My rating is subject to change.  Being the story is not complete (being published in mini installments) I cannot give it a final rating.  So this can go up or down 1 star pending what happens, plot-wise.  Do questions get answers.  Is there resolution, etc?  these questions I have can make or break a book for me.  

I look forward to seeing where Holly McDowell will lead us with her next part. 

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