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I, Minion (review) by Lewis Nix

I, Minion (The Minion Chronicles, #1) 

I, Minion
By Lewis Dix
Genre:Fantasy, Short Story/Novella
 Published April 2013
Pages: 65
Publisher: Crash Addict Books
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Summary:  "I, MINION is the tale of a skeletal warrior with no name and no future, raised from the dead to serve only one purpose - to fight and die on the front lines of battle. This is all he has known for centuries, but all that's about ot change. For he will come face-to-face with the Dark Lord's greatest enemy, a young witch by the name of Kora.

As the leader of the rebellion, she is the very person he has been sent to kill. And yet, she will awaken feelings in him long dead, setting him on a path that threatens to change the course of the Empire forever."
Review:   This was a very different story. It is all a first person perspective ok a 'mindless' skeleton minion. I say mindless because we wouldn't get his thoughts for the book if he was. Sometimes his thoughts seem too willful for the minion he describes himself and others as being. He has no name. He was once a name and when he was killed, a Dark Lord took his body and has been using it as a minion since.

At times, this sort of made me think of 'Warm Bodies' with the dead perspective going on. I battled with liking this or not. It is very dry oftentimes. Yet, being how he is, it probably is suppose to be.
It read like a roller coaster. I would be into it...then not...then into it..then not.. Being this was a short novella I cannot say much without giving away the story. Final opinion-not a bad story, but could use a bit more life, even though he is dead.


  1. I think sometimes that is the bane of the short story. There just is not enough to really get into and care about the characters. I am not sure if I like this new trend of the abundance of them. I would much rather the story contain more world and character building :) Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. That is very true. They story has potential, that I cannot deny, but I am getting tired of authors writing a bunch of short stories, especially when it is more than 1 and can be written as simply 1 book to enjoy. Short stories are great to make for a world already created and strong.
      For example, I am a star wars fan so creating a book within that galaxy or using the characters would be okay as it is already something familiar. this is just my opinion of course. I still enjoyed this enough to read the authors future works :)

  2. lovely review, it does seem like an different kind of story. my interest is tweaked, thanks for giving me the scoop.

    1. It is interesting. The author is working an a second, longer story so I hope to get more info from that to add to this story. :)

  3. "could use a bit more life, even though he is dead" ... that made me smile!

    1. Yeah, it is a bit tricky to explain but I think, oddly enough, that what I said works. :)


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