Sunday, June 23, 2013

3 Month Blogversary Giveaway and Survey

 This blog has now been up and running for three months! 
  I have learned quite a bit about the blogging world and community since then.  But I still have a long way to go.

So I have both some prizes for you to possibly win. 

 But those prizes come with a cost.
I need help.   I want to make this blog AMAZING for you.  So I need to know what you think about it.    Please take a look around this blog, see my reviews, etc.  Then please take this short 5 question survey.  This is an honest opinionated survey.   I promise not to get upset, backlash etc.  All I ask for are honest thoughts and criticism.  Good or bad.    All I ask is keep it respectful.

After that, enter the drawing.  I have 3 prizes going out;

1:  1 ebook of choice from Clean Teen Publishing (pick any ebook from the carousel below)


3) A SURPRISE Ebook.  Available in epub or mobi.

Prize order and will order do not necessarily reflect.  I will try to match winners to prizes they want if at all possible.
I know these aren't much, especially for what I ask of you now, but I am also setting up to give away more, bigger prizes for July for a Hop I joined.  Plus I am broke.  I promise the 6 month giveaway will be better.  Plus, when I reach 500 followers I will set up another, bigger, giveaway then.
Here is the survey link.
Survey is through   It does require email, but that is so I can verify you did it for the drawing.  Unless you ask for a response, I promise to not respond to any answer, even if I do not like it. Nor will it reflect how I treat you or your blog, etc.    Besides verifying it for entry, I intend to ignore it.   
 It is 5, open-answered, questions.   Again, plus give honest feedback.  Be it praise or criticism.  :)  Thanks!
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  1. Project ELE, Concealed in The Shadows, Double Star.

    Thanks for the giveaway. It looks great.

  2. I'd love a ebook of choice! I can't see the carousel of books to choose from

    1. Yikes! Sorry about that. You should be able to view them here then Sorry about that.

    2. If you are using AdBlock Plus, just uncheck "Enabled for this site.", and you should be able to see it.

    3. Thanks Holly for that tip :)

  3. Finding ELE, Double Star, Wonderstruck, Surprise eBook

  4. eBook from the Carousel - Wind Warrior, Double Star, and Project ELE are my top 3 choices :)
    Then surprise eBook, then $0.99 Amazon.


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