Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Task It Tuesday -Week 13 of 2016

 Task it Tuesday
Well this past week has been hectic.  And a bit messy.  We are in the middle or replacing out tub and shower unit.  I never knew it work make such a mess!  We had to tear out sheet-rock,  replace insulation, re-mat the flow and so much more.  We still have to install and plumb the actual pieces.  Then wall, paint and trim the walls!  Ugh!!  I have never seen my bathroom such a mess. And with me in a "spring cleaning" mode, it is driving me crazy!  

This and work have been my main focuses, so didn't get too much else done this week.  Although I was sidetracked by a new app I found to track the shows I watch (TV Show Time).  So I have been adding a bunch of past episodes/shows to that over the past 2 days.  My poor reading and blog especially are suffering right now.  While the real life tasks still take priority I will strive hard over the next couple weeks to get more posts up and work on blog related projects.  And read more!!

Understanding the color code used:
Red=Past Due by this date
Blue=What I have done since late week
Black=Not Due or New
*Fun Will never be red & new additions will be added in green.

Blogging or Book related (not reading)
  • Write/post 12 reviews (1 done)
  • 8 Discussion/other Post (meme styles don't count)
  • Finish getting Archive, Genres And Guest Interview pages up to date (progress on Archive/Genres.  Guest Posts/Interviews up to date)
  • Catalog 1044 books I own
  • Catch up on comment responses for 2016 (progress)
  • Responding to all comments made prior to 2016
  • clean up social media and other blogging follows and likes so I actually find the content for those I really have an true, regular interest in.
    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook
    3. Pinterest
    4. GFC
    5. Bloglovin
  • Organize Goodreads shelfs for TBR, owned books and kindle books
  • Organize Manga bookcases
  • Go through Netgalley/Edelweiss for new titles (Edelweiss done)
  • Write 2 reviews
  • STS post
  • Catalog 100 books
  • Update all challenges.  Submit as needed.
  • Go back and add links to all edelweiss reviews.


Real Life

Living Room
  • Dust
  • Ceiling fans
  • Scrub door, switches and spot clean walls
  • Carefully clean tv, stereo, game consoles, etc.
  • Deep clean floors and rugs (This is on Hold until after the bathroom is done ans things are being moved/tracked around)

  • All console video games
  • All dvds
  • Add  shows to Tvshowtime app

  • Go through all vhs tapes (I still have over 500!) and get rid of those I do not LOVE or cannot replace--make a list of those I want for dvd.  (progress)
  • Clean all other blinds/windows in the house!
  • Clean car-inside and out
  • Thoroughly clean laundry, washer/dryer machines and surrounding area to have proper laundry station in basement (our washing area is in an unfinished basement so it gets messy with dust/dirt fast!)
  • Replace any light bulbs, fire alarm batteries, etc as needed in the house
  • Make Video Game Jar
  • Make tv show Jar
  • Sort/organize PC games (downloads and discs) and list them.
  • Go through online bookmarks/favorites. Categorize and clean up.
  • Go through items in the loft. Find homes or get rid of items as needed/possible.
  • Buy and install new bath/shower unit. (2 week project)
  • Trim Grass around trees and fence edges (2 week project as it is a 1/2 acre lot)
  • Weed out flower bed

    Just for fun --Not expected by next week-but will simply be done when they are done but I do want to make progress each week. While there are many things I could add here I will simple stick to my focal points for the following week.
  • Play/Finish Kingdom Hearts (if it doesn't glitch on me at the end like it did years ago)
  • Finish watching Death Note anime
  • Watch Princess Tutu anime
  • Watch finish 1 other anime series (or season if long)
  • Catch up on The Walking Dead episodes
  • Catch up on Supernatural Episodes
  • Find and start a new Korean drama (these are so addictive) by at least 2 episodes.
  • Play Bloodrayne
  • Finish season 4 of Switched at Birth
  • Catch up on Game of Thrones episodes

  • Check out Disney Kinect Adventures
  • Catch up on Once Upon a Time Episodes
  • Catch up on Bones episodes
  • Check out Thrillville game
  • Watch 2 Movies I have never seen


  1. I love your idea of color coding!!! Did you do that last week too and I missed it?
    Good Luck with your tasks this week! The tub may make it difficult to get to much done, that is what happened this weekend with easter.

    1. A bit of the color code last week , but not the green or purple. Figure it might better show progress. The tub is going to through a lot off. Gotta love thoroughly cleaning the house just to have this happen. But we'll see how much I get done. Trying to be optimistic about it all. :)


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