Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Task it Tuesday -Week 10 of 2016

 Task it Tuesday 

Bit of a slow week but it was a good one.   Got to spend some time with family I rarely get to see so that was my focus.  Well worth the hold in other areas.  But now I am in some major task mode and I think a lot will be getting done this week.  So I am keeping this brief so I can get to it!

Blogging or Book related (not reading)
  • Write/post 5 reviews (1 down)
  • 3 Discussion/other Post (meme styles don't count)  (1 DOWN)
  • Finish getting Archive, Genres And Guest Interview pages up to date
  • Catalog 694 books I own
  • Catch up on comment responses for 2016
  • Write any 7 posts (reviews, discussions, thoughts, other...non memes/giveaways!) (will be re-dividing this into reviews/discussions for next time)
  • Responding to all comments made prior to 2016
  • clean up social media and other blogging follows and likes so I actually find the content for those I really have an true, regular interest in.
    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook
    3. Pinterest
    4. GFC
    5. Bloglovin

  • Catalog 150 more books
  • Make TBR Jar
  • Shelf/organize books in library room
  • Make/find 4 sets of bookends
  • Write 2 review posts
  • Write 1 discussion/other post

  • Read Sierra Jensen series Bks 5-12 (read Bk 5)
  • Read 3 manga/comics
  • Read Ashley Bell
  • Read Rebel Nation
  • Finish Ready Player One
  • Finish The 5th Wave
  • Finish Golden Son
  • Read 3rd book of Troubled Times series (progress)
  • Read Eldest
  • Finish The Gateway through which they came
  • Finish Black
  • Finish Steampunk
  • Finish re-reading Losing It
  • Finish Inkdeath
  • Finish Gameboard of the Gods
  • Restart Nameless
  • Finish Lost Tribe of the Sith collection
  • Finish Jesus the One and Only study
  • Finish Dungeons and Dreamers
  • Re-(Skim) Read Viral Nation
  • Read Xisle(progress)
  • Re-read The Heir (progress)
  • Re-read the Walking Dead Compendium 1
  • Start Pride and Prejudice
  • Read By fire, by moonlight
  • Start Daylighters
  • Read Silver Shadows

  •  Read 3 manga
  • Read Curio
  • Read Mindwar
  • Read Six Points of Light

Real Life
The Clothing and Closet Project
  • Sort all clothes, get rid of clothes that do not fit or no longer wear. (progress)
  • Organize and put away (MUST FREE UP space) (progress)
  • Fix broken dresser drawer
  • re-organize husbands clothes that suffered from drawer loss

    Library Room
  • Pick up game mess when shelf fell.
  • Get all books on the shelves in their proper homes
  • Dust
  • Vacuum Rug/carpet

Living Room
  • Dust
  • Ceiling fan
  • Scrub door, switches and spot clean walls
  • Carefully clean tv, stereo, game consoles, etc.
  • Clean windows inside
  • Deep clean floors and rugs

  • All console video games
  • All dvds

  • Go through all vhs tapes (I still have over 500 in the basement!) and get rid of those I do not LOVE or cannot replace--make a list of those I want for dvd.
  • Clean all other blinds in the house!
  • Clean car-inside and out (progres)
  • Thoroughly clean laundry, washer/dryer machines and surrounding area to have proper laundry station in basement (our washing area is in an unfinished basement so it gets messy with dust/dirt fast!) (progress-machines themselves clean)
  • Go through basement pantry, Clean, organize and sort
  • Replace any light bulbs, fire alarm batteries, etc as needed in the house
  • Make Video Game Jar
  • Make tv show Jar
  • Sort/organize PC games (downloads and discs) and list them.

    Just for fun --Not expected by next week-but will simply be done when they are done but I do want to make progress each week. While there are many things I could add here I will simple stick to my focal points for the following week.
  • Play/Finish Kingdom Hearts (if it doesn't glitch on me at the end like it did years ago)
  • Finish watching Death Note anime
  • Watch Princess Tutu anime
  • Watch finish 1 other anime series (or season if long)
  • Catch up on The Walking Dead episodes
  • Catch up on Supernatural Episodes
  • Find and start a new Korean drama (these are so addictive) by at least 2 episodes.
  • Play Bloodrayne
  • Finish season 4 of Switched at Birth (progress)

  • Check out Sims 3 
  • Catch up on Game of Thrones episodes

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