Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Madness giveaway 10

Monday Madness Giveaway

What is this?   Well to start with, it is Monday.  For many, that means back to work or school (well not quite yet but summer is almost over....).  Most of us are not fans of this day.  So to brighten it up a bit I will be hosting a weekly (or bi weekly) giveaway.    

The prizes may vary each week. You never know so be sure to check back.  The only thing I promise is that the prize will always be bookish in nature.  ebooks, arcs, swag,  gift cards, etc.  Entry requirements will also change week-to-week.
This weeks prize is for US only.  I have a swag pack of goodies that needs a new home.
Pack will include bookmarks, bookplates, a keychain, a mini stuffed character (the only hint I will give is that is from a paranormal series and has wings and is male), and a reading mug. I will also try to add a couple books to the box (I have a bit of room) if I have any in a genre you like.  I will go over options with the winner.
Entry is simple:  Interact with me on Pinterest.  
Follow my boards, comment, like or repin any of my pins.  You can be as active as you want.  
-Comments must be related to the pin and you cannot simply keep saying the same thing. (I.E.  you cannot say "cute" or "love this," etc on each one.-be original for each pin).
-Your Pinterest account must be your real account.  No logging onto some alt account.  I will check your boards and followers to see that you are a real pinterest user.  
Simply comment below stating your pinterest name and what board (or boards) of mine you like best.  I will track all activity  in regards to comments, likes, repins and follows.on Pinterest from now until Feb 1st, 12:01 am PST.  Also be sure to leave an email so I can let you know you won!
Each board you follow counts for 3 entry points
repins for 2 points
Comments and likes for 1 point each. 

All entry actions will be noted and a winner will be randomly chosen.
Good luck!


  1. Amy Crabb-

    1. oh and fav board is fairies, angels, fae and craft/projects

  2. I'm following all your boards but I think my favorite is your Supernatural board. I LOVE that show!!!
    sienkiel1821 at yahoo dot com

  3. Following! Kammy O***
    New follower- and you have Janimation board!!!!!!
    PLS contact through pinterest messaging if I win (if okay). I don't want to give out email. It always gets me on mailing lists when I do.


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