Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Billion Dollar Baby Parts 1 & 2 by Simone Holloway (review)

Billion Dollar Baby 1 (Billionaire Breeding) 
Billion Dollar Baby
Parts 1 & 2
Billion Dollar Baby 2 (Billionaire Breeding) 
by Simone Holloway

Genre(s) Adult/18+, Erotica, Short Stories/Novellas
Pages: Less than 20 pages each part

Part 1  
"Selene is stuck in a rut; she hasn't had a boyfriend in years and she's drowning in debt.

She had almost resigned herself to life alone, when an ad for a wealthy man seeking a woman to have a baby, catches her attention. She decides it's time to change her life and agrees to the arrangement.

But who is this man? Why is he willing to pay her so much money to carry his child? Selene soon finds herself caught in a whirlwind, when her attraction to him becomes more than professional.

A tale of money, deceit and love in this new steamy erotic romance.
Part 2
"Part two of Billion Dollar Baby, finds Selene reeling from Ethan's revelation. Should she take the money or run? Hard choices lead to unexpected consequences in this steamy, erotic romance."
 Okay, this is just parts 1 & 2 of 9 for a short story. Seriously, these are less than 20 pages. And it just STOPS suddenly. Both times.

 I feel as thought the author just sat down, typed up a few pages and submitted it to Amazon as self-published. It is very evident there has been little to no editing (with a HUGE error in part 2).

The concept might have potential but the lack of depth, combined with grammar errors and the manner in which this book is done in mini-parts left me turned off.

Thoughts at the end of part 1
:  Part 1 here had me curious enough to try part two but that was it. To finish the story is going to cost me more than it is worth. If the entire story was free  I have enough interest to continue it but I don't feel it is worth much otherwise. Very mildly entertaining with no real depth to the characters, and lack of any details. Very vaguely meshed together story from what I have read.  Worth MAYBE 2 stars IF the second part was worthwhile....
So in part 1 SELENE takes on Ethans offer and after getting to a hasty start gets a surprise bit of information.  
PART 2  picks up with SLOANE (who the heck is this?!) being with Ethan continuing the story. Two parts later SLONE is back to being SELENE.

^Um talk about major error!! This is only a 15 page story! Combine this with other errors in parts 1 and 2 and this is just an embarrassment to publish, in my opinion. I really hope when the author put all 9 parts together she fixed some of them. The copy of this I read is from Amazon. To pay money to read such mistakes.....Just....NO!

Oh, and look at the covers.  Not even the same person there either.  Gah!

 It is very evident there has been little to no editing. I am very lenient with the small stuff but when you are only putting out a few pages and charging to read them, they better be GOOD!

*Part 1 is still available on Amazon by itself but afterword the author has since combined the rest of the book into one whole.  I acquired part 2 before the author took combined it but I refuse to pay for the rest of the story.  And I hate dropping a book or series so this is saying a lot from me.


  1. I also can't really tell what's going on with the second lady's baby belly... it looks rather odd and flat. And her hand is huge!
    Thanks for the review; sometimes it's fun to read about the stranger stuff available for purchase.

    1. Lol! Yea I don't like the picture at all either.


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