Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Top Ten Tuesdays-Top websites that aren't about books

These are some of my top websites that aren't about books 
1. Facebook-To keep up with friends, old classmates, etc.  Plus a few games (Treasure Madness, and Ghost Tales primarily)  
2. MyAnimelist- While I can and do list manga here I also track my anime, discuss anime, games, etc and get great recs.  I also use MyDramalist for my Asian dramas that I love.
3.Pinterest- Love finding craft or recipe ideas, cute images or even just tips, tricks or wishful ideas for around the home.  And fandom tracking too! 

4. Netflix-I spend way too much time here, adding things to queues, watching shows and movies.  
5. TVshowtime- This makes keeping track of shows I watch, want to watch etc really simple. Love knowing exactly where I am at.  Plus voting for favorite characters, fun chats, etc. 
6. Youtube-Music videos, web series', random videos, etc.. Good times!
7. May- Great blog for anime 
8-AniGamers- Video games and Anime and Japanese Pop culture.  Happy place to be. 
9- Pogo- Gotta have a few sites to game on :) Great variety of games to play solo ro with friends.  Love the weekly challenges!

10. Pottermore-It's actually been a while but I really want to check it out since it has been re-done.


  1. Great list! Love netflix and I need to check out Pottermore

    my TTT

  2. Facebook is addictive, and so easy to be distracted by. Especially for me because I work on the computer all day.

    My Top Ten (more like 5) 


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