Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Task It Tuesay- Hello May!

Task it Tuesday 
 So last week went up in smoke!  I took a nasty spill in my driveway and sprained my ankle and some other lighter damage.  So other than work, my butt has been grounded to the couch. I have read (read a lot of graphic novels not on this list last week), watched some movies/shows and played games.  Lazy week.  The joy of working on a desktop is when laid up, internet tasks fall aside.  And so did my housework!   
But in some ways it was good for me.  I have been so overwhelmed with review books lately and projects that I needed a break.  And I am going to continue it in some ways.   I plan on some good reading this month and hopefully getting some good blog and book tasks done.  Most of my real life tasks right now pend my husbands involvement or money (or both!) so those are and those that aren't are not as high on my priority list.  So you may not see a lot of movement there for awhile.  
Red=Past Due by this date
Blue=What I have done since last update
Black=Not Due or New
*Fun Will never see red & new additions will be added in green

As always, especially on reading and fun, I will often do things not listed here as well, just because I feel like it!  Gotta have some spontaneity in life!

Blogging or Book related (not reading)
  • Write/post 14 reviews (1 done)
  • 6 Discussion/other Post (2 done)
  • Finish getting Archive, Genres and Guest Interview pages up to date
  • Catalog 1475 books I own
  • Catch up on comment responses for 2016
  • Responding to all comments made prior to 2016
  • clean up social media and other blogging follows and likes so I actually find the content for those I really have a true, regular interest in.
    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook
    3. Pinterest
    4. GFC
    5. Bloglovin
  • Organize Goodreads shelves for TBR, owned books and kindle books
  • Organize Manga bookcases
  • Update all challenges.  Submit as needed. (Cancelling challenges-too stressful)
  • Go back and add links to all edelweiss reviews.
  • Go through Edelweiss and Netgalley for any MUST have books.
  • STS post
  • Catalog all March/April ebooks
  • Visit and comment on 50 other blog/vlog posts (8)
  • Write/post 2 reviews
  • 1 discussion/other (promo, interview, rants, top tens, etc) post 
  • Catalog 100 more books I own
  • Get books together for MHA Readathon  
  •  Visit/comment of 50 more posts/videos/etc from fellow bloggers/vloggers


Real Life

  • All console video games
  • All dvds

  • Go through all vhs tapes (I still have over 500!) and get rid of those I do not LOVE or cannot replace--make a list of those I want for dvd.
  • Clean all other blinds/windows in the house!
  • Clean car-inside and out
  • Thoroughly clean laundry, washer/dryer machines and surrounding area to have proper laundry station in basement (our washing area is in an unfinished basement so it gets messy with dust/dirt fast!)
  • Replace any light bulbs, fire alarm batteries, etc as needed in the house
  • Sort/organize PC games (downloads and discs) and list them.
  • Go through online bookmarks/favorites. Categorize and clean up.
  • Go through items in the loft. Find homes or get rid of items as needed/possible.
  • Trim Grass around trees and fence edges (Huge project as it is a 1/2 acre lot) (progress)
  • Weed out flower bed
  • Re-wall, paint, trim and generally put bathroom back together and thoroughly clean and orgnize if for a fresh look! 
  • Iron basket of clothes
  • Remove small trees near library shed.
  • Clean basement stairwell and surrounding area.
  • Secret Sister shopping
  • create master grocery shopping and supply list

Just for fun --Not expected by next week-but will simply be done when they are done but I do want to make progress each week. While there are many things I could add here I will simple stick to my focal points for the following week.
  • Play/Finish Kingdom Hearts (if it doesn't glitch on me at the end like it did years ago)
  • Watch Princess Tutu anime
  • Watch Soul Eater anime series
  • Catch up on Supernatural Episodes
  • Find and start a new Korean drama (these are so addictive) by at least 2 episodes.
  • Play Bloodrayne
  • Catch up on Game of Thrones episodes 
  • Catch up on Once Upon a Time Episodes
  • Catch up on Bones episodes
  • Watch 1 movie I have never seen before (Watched Precious)
  • Play some Sims
  • Check out Asylum: Dark Descent (game) 
  • Play Professor Layton and the Curious Village (progress)
  • Finish Cutthroat Kitchen episodes (progress) Err...there are many more episodes than I thought...this could take awhile...
  • Finish Leverage series (progress)
  •  Play Epic Mickey 2
  • Watch Hansel and Gretel movie from otspsecretsister 

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