Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bout or Books, End of Day 3

Bout of Books 

I was jumping book to book.  A bit of everything as I am doing several buddy reads right now so lots of various progress in the following books:

  Game Over (Mindwar, #3)My Hero Academia, Vol. 04 (My Hero Academia, #4)Emma's Secret (Finding Emma, #2)The Black Unicorn (Magic Kingdom of Landover, #2)
Jesus the One and Only - Leader GuideThe Walking Dead, Compendium 1 

Looking over it all, it is a VERY strange mix, lol.

Total pages read today: 240
Total Readathon Stats:
  • 2 Novellas
  • 1 Novel
  • 1 graphic novel
In progress: 
  • 1 Nonfic
  •  3 novels
  • 2 graphic novels

Total pages read: 691
Audio listened to: 45 minutes

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