Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Manga Review: Deadman Wonderland Vol 2

Deadman Wonderland Volume 2 (Deadman Wonderland, #2) 
Deadman Wonderland Volume 2 
by Jinsei Kataoka & Kazuma Kondou

Genre(s) Manga, Graphic Novel
Pages: 208
Originally Published: Dec 2007
Publisher: Viz Media
Official Synopsis: "Framed for the brutal murders of his classmates by the mysterious Red Man, middle school student Ganta Igarashii finds himself sentenced to death and sent to the bizarre and fatal theme park/prison that has risen from the ruins of the Great Tokyo Earthquake—a hell on earth known as “Deadman Wonderland.”

Falsely accused of murdering his classmates and sentenced to death in Deadman Wonderland, Ganta begins to learn more about life inside the prison walls. Upon hearing that the Red Man, the strange being that killed his friends, is in the G Ward, Ganta heads there seeking answers—and revenge. Instead he finds a mysterious man who calls him “Woodpecker.”"
"While on the hunt for the Red Man, Ganta is thrown into a battle exhibition called the Carnival of Corpses, in which he is matched up against the powerful Senji. The battle is intense, but even if Ganta wins, is he prepared for the consequences?"
 Review:  This really is one of the strangest mangas I have read. I honestly don't know what to think of it at this point. I like parts of it but others are vague, leaving me with so many questions.

This is one tough place to survive and violence can be found around every bend (er, page)! Ganta has a lot to learn to have a chance at survival but if that is possible remains to be seen. This place is horrible and how he and others are used for entertainment. The world takes pleasure in watching these guys kill each other or die in other manners!

Shiro is by far the most intriguing character so far. I have so many questions about her. Fro why she is there to how no one else takes notice of her and she seems free to do as she pleases. Then there is the deadly area/ward G. Is the Red Man there? Who are these other new characters? Oh my head and eyes are spinning after this one, yet I am also drawn into this sick, twisted world and want to learn more. 
 Special thanks to Viz Media for the opportunity to read and review this book.  All opinions expressed are strictly my own and I was in no other way compensated to read this.


  1. never heard of this manga, i have so many books to read but i never read manga, i want to read death note tho, i have watched the anime on netflix and i really liked it,but i never picked it up from the library :P

  2. I'm going to have to read this. Great review! =)


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