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Hour 19- Dewey's Read-A-Thon Mini Challenge- Who Am I? Book Style!!!


We are coming into the last quarter of the read-a-thon!  Are you feeling it yet?  Well, before we get to the giveaway, lets wake up a bit first! 

Anyways, now that we are back in the spirit of books it is time to create some amazing 
Who am I? quizzes for your favorite books!

Think about your one of favorite books.  Then give 3-5 clues about the book.  Others can then guess at the title/author

  • The Main character's parents are dead
  • She looks to the sky for warnings
  • Her last name is Bell
  • Blue Dress on the cover
(the answer would be Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter) 
Now it it time for you to create one (of feel free to make more than one!)  Share here and I will try to solve or share on your own site of choice and simply leave a link!

If you enjoyed this idea, challenge this site with 20 questions for your favorite book characters!  It is really good at figuring it out!
Challenge Akinator!

Winner will get a book of their choice from The Book Depository, up to $12.  Open to anyone worldwide, as long as TBD can ship to you!
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Hope everyone is having a fantastic time reading!!!!! 


  1. I always found it hard to breath
    i could hear voices, i was surrounded by birds
    i was going to kiss my friend when i died..and then everything changed!

  2. Main character is a banker
    One of the characters was afraid of being institutionalized
    A beer break was a big deal

  3. Currently reading The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black.
    My clues:
    British countryside
    A group of kids
    World War III
    Book won the Printz award

  4. I'm currently reading The Night Circus and loving it! Here's the link to my entry:

  5. I wear a crown of flowers and stars
    My spirits are Huginn and Muninn
    I come from RUNA
    Religion is strictly monitored
    Many people suffer from Cain

  6. Set in Russia
    The main character is 17 years old
    One character is lying about their real identity
    There's a twin involved
    The main plot begins with a rose dress and an ice cream cone

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  8. Clues:
    Historical Adventure Fiction
    A trip across the sea
    A murder occurs
    The girl must join the crew

    1. Is it possibly Charlotte Doyle? I haven't read it in years so I'm not sure lol :)

  9. Who am I quiz: Guess the title of the book.

    1) I was pregnant
    2) I went to jail
    3) My book is not well known
    4) I live with my mother
    5) I played soccer
    6) My middle name is sky

  10. A girl who is only 3 inches
    Based on Gulliver's Travels
    Involves a clock maker

  11. Protagonist trained to be a kidnapper
    Falls in love with movie actress
    He is Rick to her Ilsa
    But there is no Sam
    She escapes to Hollywood

  12. Okay, here are my clues:

    1) The main character had a curse placed on her as a baby
    2) She has a drop of fairy blood in her
    3) She has a father, a step-mother, and two step-sisters
    4) She has a talent for speaking different languages
    5) A magic fairy book was given to her as a gift

  13. Goodnight Moon is mentioned
    Broken sister relationships
    Struggling bookshop
    Great Aunt is not what she appears to be

  14. I am Italian
    I have a gang that helps me in my mission
    I inherited Grandpa's lab
    I travel through time and space
    I have a star in my palm

  15. Mine might be a bit difficult XD

    My favourite book:

    My name is similar to the God I serve.
    I am a notorious thief known for bringing home a precious stone to my Queen.
    I fell in love with the enemy. She cut off my hand and I asked for hers in return, by marriage.

  16. Here is my entry (the link is for the first 2 clues, but I replied with the second 2):

  17. I'm currently reading Trigger Warning.

    My mother is dead.
    I live in Barcelona, Spain.
    I've been to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books.
    I was written by a Spanish author.

  18. I just finished reading catching fire

    35 girls
    A prince and a gard
    A musical girl

  19. I'm the last of my kind
    He's older than he looks
    Life has been tough on her
    What is a hero good for?

  20. Currently reading Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong

    Two magicians
    A prophecy
    An evil fairy
    A stolen bride

  21. Little rich girl
    Father died
    Suddenly poor
    Stays kind and grateful
    Happily ever after

  22. Currently reading The Epic of Gilgamesh

    Twins are involved
    Set in the future
    Involves a very long journey
    Contains no quotation marks

    My GR:

  23. Here's the link to my entry!

    I think it's quite hard haha

  24. Time traveling
    Has a daughter with red hair.
    A main character is a doctor.
    Two husband's.

  25. I'm currently reading Saga.
    My clues

  26. *Victorian London
    Main Character:
    *Fell for two boys
    *Unknown aspect of identity

    1. Oops! Forgot to say what I'm reading: I'm going to technically count this as a book- "TinHouse Vol. 16, Number 3". I mean, it shows up on Goodreads, so.....

  27. Fun video! Thanks for sharing it. Unread book it up!

  28. Man reluctantly leaves home with a bunch of strangers. Steals jewelry. Evades kidnapping and death many times. Eventually returns home wealthy.

  29. Book clues:
    1. Set in WWII
    2. Involves two sisters
    3. Someone is falsely accused of a crime
    4. Author is from the UK
    5. Was made into a movie

  30. A bunch of genius children
    Play lots of video games
    Train in space
    to kill some bugs

  31. All righty. Here are the clues to my all time favourite book:

    - The shy, male protagonist has the intials B. B. B.
    - There is a quest to save the world
    - A medallion, featuring 2 mythical serpents biting each other's tails, protects the one who goes on the quest
    - 'Nothing' preys on the good characters in this story (their ultimate fear)
    - And the greatest of wishes makes you lose the greatest of memories

    1. You're 100% correct! It's a great book and I've loved it ever since I could remember. It's changed my life in more ways than I can count, including why I left my home behind, moved halfway across the world and intend to dive into the depths of passionate writing and seeking the true mystery of life....

      But that is another story and shall be told another time....

  32. Takes place during the Gilded Age in New York City.
    Main male character falls in love with his fiancee's cousin.
    He's stifled by the strict rules of society, but also is bound by his sense of duty.
    Main female character is considered scandalous because she's left her husband in Europe.

  33. She wishes it were auburn but he says "Carrots!"
    She didn't mean to get her best friend drunk; it was only supposed to be raspberry cordial.
    She made quite a lovely, tragic Lady of Shallott

    @BraveNewBks , Just finished The Cry of the Sloth by Sam Savage

  34. My parents are dead
    New school and friends await me
    Spells and potions ready to be tried
    Friends are curious and brave
    Ready to solve every mystery and problem

    This is the book I am curently reading. Not sure if it really makes sense but I tried my best :))

  35. I read and write.
    I'm not a name.
    My name is two letters .
    I have so, so many sisters,
    I Marry someone with the name of an animal.
    Who am I?

  36. I'm currently reading the Girl With All the Gifts.

    Who Am I?

    I have two authors.
    I have more than one genre.
    My sequel was published 17 years after me.
    The main character is 12 years old.
    I am connected to other books by one of the authors.

  37. I am an orphan.
    I am a girl - though the nice people who sent for me wanted a boy.
    My best friend is Diana - we are kindred spirits.
    I am an excellent student.
    I do not like to be called "Carrots."

    Who am I?

  38. - First book in a series
    - It's the end of the world
    - A group of people has a chance to survive
    - There's a character who tries to live her life like Jane Austen
    - There's a VERY long time jump

  39. I'm in England during Napoleon conquest
    I have magic and just two known wizards alive
    I like ravens and kings and fae people
    I can pass travel through mirrors
    Who am I?

  40. A major film series
    Epic journeys
    All mythical creatures are involved
    Good vs evil
    Filmed in new Zealand

  41. I was born in Asia.
    I am the sole survivor of a disaster that killed dozens.
    My aunt died, but not of the same thing that killed her sister, my mother.
    One of my best friends is not human.
    Who am I?

    (I just finished reading I Am Not Joey Pigza, which seems oddly appropriate given your contest.)

  42. I loved this! I did two:

    1. I am just a girl.
    2. Others want me to fly but I have never had the desire.
    3. My family is strange.


    1. I was abandoned by my mother.
    2. I am part of a war that not everyone knows is happening.
    3. I know a boy who killed his father.
    4. I dream about a boy in a tree.

  43. I have created two more on my site:


    1- My white dress has gone red
    2- I’m entangled with a curse to become a murder
    3 -I was murdered in 1958
    4- I was only 16.

    1. I was currently read ' The whole stupid way we are ' but finished it.

  44. Thank you Thank you THANK YOU for this video! I am in love with it and have posted it everywhere now :) I am soooooooooo glad I follow your blog :) Without it, I would be deprived of the best stuff!


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