Monday, August 3, 2015

REVIEW: Office Toy by Cleo Peitsch

Please Note: The following Review is for Mature Audiences!  This is an Adult (18+) novella!
Office Toy (Office Toy, #1) 

Office Toy 

by Cleo Peitsch

Genre(s): Erotica/18+, novella/short story
Pages: 32
Published:  Oct 2012
Publisher: Pouch Productions

Summary:  "Office Toy is an erotic MfMM (3 guys, 1 lucky gal) BDSM story of 8,400 words.

Elle’s job interview starts with Cunningham throwing away her cheap clothes and sending his assistant to buy new outfits. He’s got her naked, so of course he’ll lay her out on the conference table and claim her mouth. Soon Elle is trussed up, all of her holes stretched full while three hot men have their wicked way.

She loves her first tastes of liberated, naughty sex. But she’d better not start falling for her boss—no matter how safe he makes her feel—because while office sex is encouraged, romance is strictly forbidden.

This story contains explicit sexual content and graphic language that may be objectionable to some readers. For adults only."

Review:   Pure porn. No story beyond girl want job and has participates in a gang bang in place of an interview. This is by far the most sex-crazed woman ever! The summary is the story. The only story aspect is her mother moving in and that the front assistant does not like her (at least until he screws her). There is no romance. Just a crap-load of insane lust. No character depth, no personality with anyone. This isn't even hot! It is weird. There is no flow to anyone's behavior. Seriously I wonder if the water was drugged by the world's strongest aphrodisiac. If you want to read a sex scene just for the sex check it out. If you want any chance of story or even sexy hotness, there is lots of other options that are better qualified.

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  1. lol I had to read ur take on this after I saw the cover. Made me laugh :D


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