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Skip Beat Vol 31 by Yoshiki Nakamura (review)

Skip Beat!, Vol. 31 
Skip Beat Vol 31
by Yoshiki Nakamura

Genre(s): Graphic Novels, Manga
Pages: 192
Published:  June 2013
Publisher: Viz Media

Summary:       "A bestselling romantic comedy!
Kyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol. But he's casting her out now that he's famous! Kyoko won't suffer in silence--she's going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz!

     Ren is fighting to keep himself under control, but living as Cain Heel and simultaneously building the character BJ are really wearing him down. Kyoko is getting really worried, but even President Lory can’t do more than encourage her to support Ren. Can Kyoko’s own dark side give her the insight to help her friend, or will she be forced to watch as he self-destructs?!"
**On  a personal note- I was organizing my review index and noticed 31 was not there.  SO here you go.  Sorry about skipping ahead before!**
Review:       This series is starting to take a darker route. The summary concept: "A bestselling romantic comedy!" is not so accurate on the comedic side. While there is some humor, is is less a focus than past volumes. This really sets the stage for a more mature plotline.

     Ren is struggling with his role as Cain. Flashbacks of his time in America torment him. Yet lucky for him, Kyoko is there for him. She still is oblivious to the depth of his despair but she knows things are not right. She is also beginning to care more for Ren than she is willing to admit.

     There roles are brother and sister are both amusing and disturbing. Kyoko is doing an amazing job with her character but working with Ren has her constantly second guessing every move she makes!

     Then there is the President's small, but potentially crucial role. He still sees them both as wounded and he has hopes for a desired outcome between them. His role is small but clues us in on what to likely expect to come in time.

     The further into this series, the more on edge I am for the next volume. This one was good but left so much unexplained as of yet. I am eager to see how it plays out. 


  1. I haven't read any of this manga series in quite awhile. I really need to pick it back up.

  2. I've only read volume one of the series, but I'm glad that Volume 31 is still keeping you eager to read more! Hopefully I can catch up on it soon :)


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