Friday, November 21, 2014

New Job

Hi everyone,

     Just thought I would give you a quick update.  I have a new job!  Which is mostly good except that it is a LOT of hours.  Long, hard, physically exhausting hours....

     What this means is, as you may have already noticed, that there is a decreases in weekly posts.  Especially various Meme, Blitzes, etc.  I  have limited time to post and I would rather deliver quality content with less filler for the time I have to give.  Some weeks I may be good completely.  Things should settle after the holidays but until then I beg you for for patience and understanding as I adjust to this new challenge.  I will do my best to be around, visiting other blogs and chatting in groups still as well, but that too is limited now.  

    In the meanwhile I hope everyone is finding fantastic books to read this Holiday season!

-Jamie  (AKA Jay Riv)


  1. congratulatiosn on your new job.
    don't worry about teh blog^^ we can wait until you settle and i wopuld be happy even with a minimum of posts so really no stress just do what you can

  2. Hope your new job is going well. Your loyal followers will understand the decrease in posts due to time constraints. I enjoy reading about the real lives of bloggers I follow.


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