Friday, April 25, 2014

Preparing for the read-a-thon

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So I am getting ready here for my first Dewey's 24 Hr Read-a-thon.    Very excited to see how this all plays out but also a bit overwhelmed.  In addition to this read-a-thon my fiance is participating in a kite festival so I will be helping with that too.  So my reading (and posts) may be a bit sporadic.  
To push me to get some good reading over the 24 period, I am also volunteering for charity
So here is how I will add up the time to give.
  • 1 hour for every 100 pages read (excluding graphic novels)
  • 3 hours for each book (non graphic novel/novella) I complete.
  •  2 hours for each graphic novel I complete 
  • 2 hours for each novella (anything under 180 pages)
  • 10 minutes for every comment others make on any  post  relating to this read-a-thon made this weekend.  Also comments on my facebook page will count the same way  (Spam comments do not count and user comments only count once per hour-so no thinking to throw a lot of comments just to rack up the time)
Now I need your help to choose where I volunteer:

How should I volunteer? free polls 
Here are some of the books I pulled aside as some possible reads (and no I don't think I can get through them all but this gives me a good variety)
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And for food (exlcuding meals) I have watermelon, apples,baby carrots, tea, soda, plsu all these tasty possibilities (again I don't plan on eating these alone- I am sharing with my fiance):
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Please pardon the bad shot.  Cell phone and hotel room don't mix.

If you are participating, be sure to let me know so I can stop by at some point hopefully!
Here is to a very fun, busy weekend! 

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