Thursday, April 24, 2014

Murder Mysteries by Neil Gaiman (review)

Murder Mysteries 
Murderer Mysteries 
By Neil Gaiman
Illustrated by P. Craig Russell
Genre: Graphic Novel, Paranormal
Published: May 2014 
(originally published in 2002)
Pages: 112
Published by Dark Horse Comics 
Summary:  "Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell venture into the world of myth and angels in this new edition of their noir-fantasy tale. Constructing and maintaining all of heaven and earth is an immense task, which God has divided up amongst the various ranks and stations of angels. As with any huge effort, there are bound to be casualties. Lights is shed on the lords behind creation as one lonely man in Los Angeles hears the story of one particular unspeakable crime: a murder in Paradise."
Review:  This was my first Neil Gaiman comic. It. could debatably by my last. While I do like Neil Gaiman in general this was trash in my opinion. There is one thing about the thing I liked. That's it. Just one (which I will share down the line). And let me also start off with informing readers-this is NOT for kids!

Let's get the ugly out of the way, shall we? First off, the art. At first, no the city is not too bad. Not good though either. Then, we get into "heaven" and the color choices are atrocious! First the scenes aren't very good but at least good coloring. Then I get blah fading pastels! Take color out altogether would have been better than what was shown. All facial expressions are bland. No emotion was visible, leaving me quite detached from the characters.

Then there is the story. At approx 60 pages for the story, it has no foundation. The first murder in "heaven" and the angel that plays detective.... No character depth, no lessons to be learned, just mystery death and a quest for the vengeance of said death. Included in this story is angel sex. While the angels are "sexless" they are all referred to as male and drawing as men (less the smooth Ken-like nether regions). So I got unexpected m/m relations going on. Not to mention the other sexual scenes and references. While I am very open in my reading, a little warning is nice!

The one thing I like it that after the 60 page story, we get another 50 pages of bonus material! This explains the why and how behind the panels, alternate art and coloring, etc. This was the only reason I don't give it 1 star. Otherwise, this takes the lead for worst graphic novel I have ever read. And I hate saying that being that Neil Gaiman is the creator. I heard this was based on a short story he wrote. I can only hope that was better. While I wills still read Neil Gaiman's work, his graphic novels are on the backseat. This might have had potential but there is too much lacking in this to hold my attention.

**I received this as a review eBook from Netgalley.  Special Thanks to them, Diamond Book Distributors, and Dark Horse Comics.   All opinions expressed are strictly my own.



  1. bummer that you didnt enjoy this. i love neil gaiman!

  2. I like this author and the cover. <3 Good review.

    1. If you read it, I hope you enjoy it more than I did.

  3. I don't think I've read anything by him which is surprising. I'm sorry you didn't like it. I have friends who rave about his books.

    1. Usually he is worth raving about too. Just not this particular one in my opinion.

      *Sorry. Meant to reply June 3, but left comment instead.


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